Integrating Big Geodata and Technology in Evaluation: What do we need to know?

August 2020
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Staff Publications

eVALUatiOn Matters Second Quarter 2020

The article "Integrating Big Geodata and Technology in Evaluation: What do we need to know?" by Anupam Anand, Evaluation Officer at GEF IEO, addresses the application of big geodata, including satellite remote sensing, drones, and mobile phone-based technology, to the practice of impact evaluation.

Key Messages

  •  Big geodata is a subset of big data with spatial information that derives from a rapidly expanding array of sources, including satellite data, ground sensors, and citizen science
  •  There are risks associated with using innovative technology. So, be prepared to embrace failures when innovative methods do not yield evaluative evidence.
  • The challenge of a lack of resources and skills to process big geodata data, can be mitigated to an extent by using open datasets, free analytical tools and establishing partnerships.

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