Annual Impact Report (AIR) 2010

September 2011
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Impact Evaluation
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Thematic & Impact
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The fourth annual impact report contains updates on the evaluation of GEF Biodiversity projects in Peru undertaken in collaboration with the Independent Evaluation (IEG) group of the World Bank.  The evaluation aims to assess the impact of GEF support on Biodiversity, environmental stress reduction, and the socioeconomic status of local communities.

The report also discusses preparatory work on the International Waters evaluation assessing the impact of GEF activities in the South China Sea and adjacent areas to ascertain the extent to which GEF contributions have or are likely to lead to changes in policies, technology, management practices and other behaviors which will address environmental concerns in those areas. It also outlines the Evaluation Office’s continued work on theory-based approaches and its review of outcomes to impacts (ROtI) methodology.

The AIR 2010 was presented as an information document to the GEF Council in November 2010.

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