Annual Performance Report (APR) 2019

June 2019
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Annual Performance Report (APR)
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Reporting in the APR is primarily based on the evidence provided in the terminal evaluation reports of completed projects. All terminal evaluations and ratings are reviewed and validated by the IEO and/or the evaluation office of the respective GEF Agency. APR 2019 covers 1,566 completed GEF projects which account for $6.9 billion in GEF grants. Terminal evaluations for 193 projects, accounting for $ 616.6 million in GEF grants, were received and validated during 2018-2019 and these projects constitute the 2019 cohort. Projects approved in GEF-5 (33 percent), GEF-4 (40 percent) and GEF-3 (20 percent) account for a substantial share of the 2019 cohort. Although 10 GEF Agencies are represented in the 2019 cohort, most of these projects have been implemented by UNDP (56 percent), with World Bank (15 percent) and UNEP (12 percent) also accounting for a significant share.