Biodiversity Focal Area Study 2017

June 2017
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Focal Areas Evaluation
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As part of the Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation(GEF/ME/C.50/07) of the GEF, the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) is undertaking this study to assess and report on the progress of the GEF Biodiversity Focal Area towards maintaining globally significant biodiversity and the ecosystem goods and services while reducing pressures and addressing the drivers of biodiversity loss (GEF- 6 Focal Area Strategy) . The study will assess the relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of GEF supported interventions and processes to mainstream conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, to reduce poaching, and to create enabling conditions for access and benefit sharing. The evaluative evidence, conclusions, and recommendations generated through this Focal Area study will inform the next replenishment phase (GEF-7).