Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Madagascar

October 2008
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Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE)
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Corporate & Country
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Madagascar has been receiving GEF funds since 1994; 97 per cent of financing has supported biodiversity projects with the remainder supporting projects in the climate change and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) focal areas.  Madagascar was selected because of its large portfolio size, its programmatic approach, the portfolio emphasis on biodiversity, and its importance as a global biodiversity hotspot. The main findings and recommendations were presented to the GEF Council in April 2008 as a part of the Annual Country Portfolio Evaluation Report (ACPER 2008).


  • GEF support has contributed significantly to biodiversity conservation.
  • GEF support is enabling Madagascar to address other challenges.
  • GEF results are at risk due to weak financial, institutional and socioeconomic sustainability.
  • GEF support is aligned with national priorities and global environmental benefits, mainly in biodiversity.
  • Country ownership is a key challenge.
  • The GEF Activity Cycle has presented barriers to project development.
  • Stakeholder roles and responsibilities are not clear and coordination is suboptimal.
  • Operational focal point mechanism is not functioning.
  • Knowledge Management and lesson learning are not formalized.


  • GEF should consider further supporting trust funds to improve sustainability of benefits.
  • GEF should develop a strategy to improve capacities to address global environmental issues in LDCs.
  • Madagascar should consider setting up a permanent inter-ministerial and multi-donor environmental committee.
  • Investment in the environment sector needs to be more diversified.
  • Implementing Agencies should work more closely with government to enhance country ownership.