Evaluation of the GEF Support to Middle Income Countries (MIC) 2021

Brazil, Mexico, China, India, South Africa
February 2021
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In the last two decades, Middle Income Countries (MICs) have seen their institutions and capacities strengthened. The growth of their economies has resulted in growing public resources that could be applied to addressing social and environmental challenges. MICs have been increasingly attractive for private investors whom could also assume an important role in addressing global challenges. This evaluation will examine the forms and extent to which the support the GEF to MICs has evolved in ways that build on their emergent capacities. The evaluation will also seek to identify additional opportunities to support MICs to build better and greener in the recovery years ahead. While covering the MICs countries overall, the evaluation will particularly focus on China, Brazil, India, Mexico, and South Africa. These five countries are among the largest GEF recipient countries, hence they are critical for the achievement of the objectives of the global environmental conventions. In addition to that, they are influential global actors.

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