Evaluation of the Multiple Benefits of GEF Support through Its Multifocal Area Portfolio (MAP) 2016

December 2018
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Multi Focal Area
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Thematic & Impact
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Multiple benefits generated through GEF support consist of two types: the global environmental benefits (GEBs) that contribute towards achieving the strategic priorities of multiple focal areas, and the local environmental and socioeconomic benefits that indirectly generate and sustain the GEBs. One way that GEF has sought to create multiple benefits in a more integrated manner is through multi-focal area (MFA) projects. These projects are funded through allocations from different global environmental conventions and/ or trust funds, and track indicators specific to each focal area. With each succeeding GEF phase, the MFA portfolio has increased by about 50 percent in terms of both number of projects and total GEF grants. Yet no comprehensive evaluation has so far been done on this emerging portfolio. This evaluation aims to fill this gap. Using a mixed methods approach, the GEF Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) seeks to assess the extent to which GEF support has contributed to the generation of multiple benefits by addressing environmental issues through a multi-focal approach. The evaluation particularly investigates how this approach has created synergies and mitigated trade-offs between multiple sectoral objectives.