Evaluation of the Programmatic Approaches in the GEF

May 2017
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Thematic Evaluation
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Thematic & Impact
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The main purpose of the evaluation is to assess whether and how GEF support delivered under the programmatic approaches modality has delivered the expected results in terms of global environmental benefits while addressing the main drivers of global environmental change. This purpose derives from the IEO Work Programme (GEF/ME/C.48/01), which in turn has been designed to provide evaluative evidence pertaining to the major strategies approved in the Sixth Replenishment of the GEF Trust Fund and reflected in the GEF-6 Programming Directions. The evaluation focus on the results and performance of GEF programmatic approaches. This evaluation provides evidence on the past GEF experience in designing and implemeneting programs. It contributes to the further development of GEF programs in the context of the GEF's strategic move towards multi focal and integrated solutions to environmental problems proposed in the GEF 2020 Strategy.