GEF Engagement with Indigenous Peoples (IPs) 2017

October 2017
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Indigenous Peoples
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Thematic & Impact
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The main objective of the evaluation was to:

  1. Identify lessons and good practices of GEF’s engagement with Indigenous Peoples at the policy/program/project level and identify key issues for improvement.

The evaluation was guided by the following key questions:

  1. To what extent are GEF Strategies and Policies for engagement with Indigenous Peoples in alignment with guidance from conventions and in line with international standards and protocols?
  2. To what extent has GEF engaged with IPs in GEF projects (are IPs being consulted and offering support as intended by GEF policies? what are the IPs main areas of contribution (design, implementation, monitoring?) and how have they benefited? (governance, policy, land rights)?
  3. How have these projects performed and what are some best practices and lessons learned? What has been done in an innovative way? To what extent has GEF engagement with IPs contributed to achievement of GEBs?
  4. How effective has GEF been in knowledge management concerning Indigenous Peoples issues?