Integrated Approach Pilot (IAP) Program - Food Security

January 2017
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Thematic Evaluation
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Thematic & Impact

Review of the Sustainability and Resilience for Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa Integrated Approach Pilot (IAP)

As part of its work program for GEF-6, IEO has been tasked to review the GEF IAP Program being implemented in GEF-6, developed building on the GEF past experience in designing and implementing programmatic approaches.This program is composed of three pilots:

  1. the Sustainability and Resilience for Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa Integrated Approach Pilot (in short, Food Security IAP);
  2. the Sustainable Cities IAP (in short, the Cities IAP);
  3. Taking Deforestation out of Commodity Supply Chains IAP(in short, the Commodities IAP)

These three pilots have in common that they are designed with the objective to address global environmental issues more holistically, within a much broader and more complex set of development challenges. GEF contributions to these challenges seek to ensure that key global environmental issues are adequately considered in this broader context and to identify the most effective and innovative ways to use funds to reach a greater impact and scale, by working with a broad range of organizations and sectors. In other words, IAPs aim to support activities in recipient countries that can help them generate those Global Environmental Benefits (GEBs) that correspond to more than one global environmental convention or GEF focal area, by tackling the underlying drivers of environmental degradation.

The purpose of this review is to critically assess the potential of the Food Security IAP to generate multiple GEBs by tackling one of the main drivers of environmental degradation –food production– in natural resource poor farming systems. The objectives are to evaluate the coherence of the Food Security IAP design with GEF-6 focal area strategies, its alignment with convention guidance and its capacity to reflect synergies in delivering focal area strategies while accounting for country needs and ownership. The review will also look at the IAP initial uptake in participating countries and the efficiency of its launching process. This review is being undertaken as an input to the Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation of the GEF (Overall Performance Study – OPS6).