OPS3 Progressing Toward Environmental Results

June 2005
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Overall Performance Study (OPS)
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Third Overall Performance Study of the GEF (OPS3)
Progressing Toward Environmental Results

The team for the OPS3, which took place between September 2004 and June 2005, was charged with evaluating the

  1. results of GEF activities
  2. sustainability of results at the country level,
  3. GEF as a catalytic institution,
  4. GEF policies, institutional structure and partnerships, and
  5. GEF implementation processes.

Overall Performance Studies (OPS) are undertaken every four years to inform the donors before the replenishment. These evaluations provide an independent assessment of the achievements of the GEF up to the time of the study. The first overall performance study of the GEF took place in 1994 and assessed the pilot phase.