OPS6 Evaluation Briefs

The Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation (OPS6) of the Global Environment Facility is currently under way. In the briefs below, you will find 23 completed and ongoing evaluations summarized in a four-page format. Briefs include the status of the various evaluations, preliminary findings and collected evidence.

In total, there will be 29 evaluations over the GEF-6 period which will form the OPS6 final report. Seventeen (17) have been completed so far. The remaining 12 will be completed before June 2017.

Land Degradation Focal Area (LDFA) Study - Brief
Land Degradation Focal Area (LDFA) Study - Brief
Evaluation of Programmatic Approaches in the GEF - Brief
Climate Change Focal Area Study - Brief
Impact Evaluation of GEF Support to Protected Areas and Protected Area Systems - Brief
Review of the GEF Approach to Results-Based Management - Brief
Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation of the GEF: Update and Synthesis - Brief
Review of the Comparative Advantage, Financing, and Governance of the GEF Partnership - Brief
Evaluation of the GEF - Civil Society Organization (CSO) Network - Brief
Joint GEF-UNDP Evaluation of the Small Grants Programme (SGP) - Brief
Evaluation of the Multiple Benefits of GEF Support - Brief
The GEF Nongrant Instrument - Brief
A Value for Money Analysis of GEF Interventions in Land Degradation and Biodiversity - Brief
GEF Engagement with the Private Sector - Brief
Measuring Environmental Outcomes Using Remote Sensing and Geospatial Methods - Brief
Project-Level Accomplishments - Brief
International Waters Focal Area Study 2016 -Brief
Program Evaluation of the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) - Brief
Review of the GEF Agency Minimum Standards on Environmental and Social Safeguards - Brief
Chemicals and Waste (CW) Focal Area Study - Brief
Program Evaluation of the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) - Brief
Evaluation of the Expansion of the GEF Partnership - Brief
Transformational Engagements - Brief
Impact of GEF Support on National Environmental Laws and Policies in Selected Countries - Brief