OPS6 Evaluation Briefs

The Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation (OPS6) of the Global Environment Facility was completed in November 2017. Each evaluation that fed into OPS6 contains a four-page brief which includes an overview of the methods, findings and recommendations.

Land Degradation Focal Area (LDFA) Study - Brief
Evaluation of the Expansion of the GEF Partnership - Brief
Review of the Comparative Advantage, Financing, and Governance of the GEF Partnership - Brief
Chemicals and Waste (CW) Focal Area Study - Brief
Climate Change Focal Area Study - Brief
Measuring Environmental Outcomes Using Remote Sensing and Geospatial Methods - Brief
Impact Evaluation of GEF Support to Protected Areas and Protected Area Systems - Brief
International Waters Focal Area Study 2016 -Brief
Evaluation of GEF Support to Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) and the Nagoya Protocol 2017
A Value for Money Analysis of GEF Interventions in Land Degradation and Biodiversity - Brief
Impact of GEF Support on National Environmental Laws and Policies in Selected Countries - Brief
Project-Level Accomplishments - Brief
Review of the Results-Based Management (RBM) in the GEF 2017 - Brief
GEF Engagement with the Private Sector 2017 - Brief
Evaluation of the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Program Study 2017
Evaluation of Knowledge Management (KM) in the GEF 2017
Evaluation of GEF Support for Transformational Change 2017 - Brief
Review of the GEF Agency Minimum Standards on Environmental and Social Safeguards - Brief
Formative Review of the Integrated Approach Pilot (IAP) Programs
Evaluation of GEF Engagement with Indigenous Peoples (IPs) 2017 - Brief
Joint GEF-UNDP Evaluation of the Small Grants Programme (SGP) - Brief
Evaluation of Programmatic Approaches in the GEF - Brief
The GEF Nongrant Instrument - Brief
Evaluation of Gender Mainstreaming in the GEF - Brief
Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation of the GEF: Update and Synthesis - Brief
Evaluation of the Multiple Benefits of GEF Support - Brief
Evaluation of the GEF - Civil Society Organization (CSO) Network - Brief
Program Evaluation of the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) - Brief
Program Evaluation of the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) - Brief