Participation of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in GEF Activities

September 2016

The review will draw on several sources for gathering information. Literature review will be an important source of information. The literature review will include recent evaluations undertaken by the GEF IEO such as the ‘Evaluation of the GEF Civil Society y Network of GEF’ and the ‘Joint GEF UNDP Evaluation of the Small Grants Programme,’ which have covered several aspects related to CSO participation in GEF activities. The review would also include Council Documents that have addressed participation of CSO s in GEF activities and other relevant documents.

Another source of information will be a quality at entry survey of project documents submitted at the point of CEO Approval or Endorsement. Based on a representative sample of projects from different GEF re plenishment periods, the survey will gather information on the extent to which CBOs have been involved in project preparation.

The terminal evaluation review will provide information on the extent to which CBOs and local communities, including indigenous peoples, were involved in design and implementation of the GEF projects. It will also assess the extent to which results of projects where CBOs were involved are different from other projects. The projects will also be compared based on other performance indicators such as efficiency in project preparation, implementation delays, quality of execution, co-financing mobilization, sustainability, support for follow up activities, etc, using data from PMIS, PIRs and terminal evaluations.