Project-Level Accomplishments Study

September 2016
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Thematic Evaluation
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Thematic & Impact
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The independent Comprehensive Evaluations of the GEF, earlier known as Overall Performance Studies (OPS) of the GEF, are undertaken to inform the GEF Replenishment Group on the results and performance of the GEF Partnership and of the activities that the partnership supports, and on areas for further improvement. The Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation of the GEF (OPS-6) is being undertaken to inform the replenishment for GEF-7 period. OPS-6 aims to assess two broad areas: (1) institutional, governance, strategy and programming issues, and (2) the performance and impact of the GEF.1 The GEF IEO will conduct review of the project level accomplishments, as one of the activities to assess the GEF performance and impact.

Up to 31st of December 2015, GEF had approved more than 4100 projects that accounted for US $ 14.6 billion in GEF funding.2 Of these at least 1077 projects, which account for US $ 4.8 billion in GEF funding, have been completed and covered in the GEF IEO reporting through its Annual Performance Report. The accomplishments of these projects, along with other completed projects for which terminal evaluations will be received by October 31st 2016, will form a basis for reporting on project level accomplishments.

This paper describes the key questions and the approach for the review. It also provides a brief outline of review report, along with the resources required for the review. The review will be completed by 1st week of April 2017. It will also be an input to the OPS6 Progress Report, which is to be delivered by June 2017. The review will be conducted concurrently with the review on GEF Performance and on Progress towards Impact, so that it benefits from the synergies with these reviews.