Resource Allocation Framework (RAF) Mid-Term Review 2009

May 2009
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Mid-Term Evaluation
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This midterm review evaluates the degree to which resources have been allocated to countries in a transparent and cost-effective manner based on global environmental benefits and country performance. While it is too early to provide evidence on the impact of the RAF on environmental benefits, it emerged that the transition to a new way of providing GEF resources has been challenging.

The midterm review covered a more complex and ambitious scope than is customary for a midpoint formative evaluation. It included a comparative review of the RAF with the performance-based allocation systems of other multilateral agencies; extensive statistical analysis, simulations, and data modeling; a portfolio review of all historical allocations and changes in the GEF-4 period; and a Delphi peer study of the RAF indicators, indexes, and design by three panels of independent experts on global biodiversity, climate change, and performance.