Results Based Management (RBM) in the GEF

May 2017
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The approach paper for the Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation of the GEF (OPS6) identifies RBM as one of the areas that will be covered as part of its work to understand relevance and global contribution of the GEF. The aim will be to understand the extent the RBM system captures results of GEF activities and supports adaptive management. This review is being under taken as an input to OPS-6. It will address the key issues related to RBM specified in the OPS-6 approach paper. The work on tracking tools undertaken as part of APR2015 will be an important input to this review. At the time APR2015 was prepared, the Secretariat was undertaking several steps to improve the GEF RBM system. This review will also take stock of the extent to which progress has been made.

Key Questions

The review will seek to answer following questions:

  1. What is the role of RBM in GEF partnership?
  2. To what extent is the GEF RBM system relevant, effective and efficient?
  3. To what extent and in what ways is the information generated through the RBM system utilized?
  4. To what extent have the key concerns noted in OPS-5 and in GEF-6 policy recommendations of the Replenishment Group been addressed?

The review will assess the role of RBM in the GEF partnership. It review will assess the role of RBM within the context of the network nature of the GEF partnership, taking into account the GEF mandate, the nature of activities that it supports, and the time lag involved in manifestation of the environmental results. The review will assess the extent to which this role is being played by the RBM system that is in place.