Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Strategic Country Cluster Evaluation (SCCE)

August 2018
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The strategic country cluster evaluation (SCCE) of small island developing states (SIDS) covers 39 SIDS in the AIMS (Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Sea), Caribbean, and Pacific regions. The choice to evaluate the SIDS as a strategic cluster is based on their shared geophysical constraints, resulting in disproportionately large economic, social and environmental challenges, and is supported by Council members’ requests for a more in-depth reviewing of the SIDS portfolio of projects. Synergies between the SIDS SCCE and the in parallel conducted least developed countries SCCE will be explored and utilized.

The overarching objectives of the evaluation are

  1. to provide a deeper understanding of the determinants of sustainability of the outcomes of GEF support in Small Island Developing States, and
  2. to assess the relevance of the GEF towards SIDS’ main environmental challenges from the countries’ perspective.

Trade-offs between environmental and socio-economic development will also be explored. Gender, resilience and fragility will be assessed as cross cutting issues.

The GEF Council is the primary audience for this evaluation. The evaluation’s evidence can also inform GEF Agencies’ proposal development and GEF Secretariat’s appraisal of SIDS project proposals. Country- and non-governmental partners engaged in project and program design and implementation form the secondary audience.

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