Conference on Evaluation of the Sustainable Development Goals

December 04, 2017 to December 08, 2017

The regional evaluation networks ReLAC, REDLACME and the global association of evaluators IDEAS organized a Joint Conference on Evaluation for the Sustainable Development Goals. The conference had a special emphasis on transforming life through global and regional partnerships, with an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean. The conference discussed and made progress on evaluation approaches, methodologies, institutional frameworks and learning from monitoring and evaluation evidence. The focus was on the global commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting the contribution of evaluation to fight poverty, promote equity and prosperity, protect the planet and build partnerships, free from conflict and in peace

The GEF IEO participated in a number of pre-conference workshops as well as sessions during the conference.


  • Monday, December 4: Evaluating the Nexus between Environment, Climate Change and Development (sponsored by IDEAS & GEF) - Juha I Uitto, Director, GEF IEO; Anupam Anand, Evaluation Officer, GEF IEO; and Jeneen Garcia, Evaluation Officer, GEF IEO.
  1. Presentation: Evaluating the Nexus between Environment, Climate Change and Development
  2. Presentation: You Win Some, You Lose Some: Assessing Synergies and Trade-offs in Environmental Projects
  3. Presentation: Complexity and the Art of Possible
  • Tuesday, December 5: Como abordar la complejidad en la evaluación (patrocinado por IDEAS) - Aaron Zazueta, Independent Evaluation Consultant; Anupam Anand, Evaluation Officer, GEF IEO; Jeneen Garcia, Evaluation Officer, GEF IEO; and Michael Bamberger, Independent Evaluation Consultant.
  1. Presentation (in Espanol): Análisis de Redes Sociales
  2. Presentation (in Espanol): Aplicación de ciencia geoespacial para monitoreo y evaluación

Conference sessions

  • Wednesday, December 6 from 17:00-18:30: Special Session 3 (E) - Evaluation of Transformative Change for the SDGs, supported by the Climate Change Funds CIF, GEF and GCF, chaired by Caroline Heider, DG Evaluation of the World Bank