Measuring Environmental Impacts with Geospatial Data

December 06, 2017

Environmental projects benefit from the geospatial information, with both targeting and impact evaluation activities able to take advantage of a wide variety of global datasets that examine land cover change, vegetative density, and biodiversity.

This session presented a number of recent case-studies conducted by the Independent Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility with AidData leveraging spatial information, as well as introduce an online tool—GeoQuery (www.geoquery.org). The session also included a brief tutorial illustrating how to use GeoQuery, and an illustrative example of how this spatial data can be used in both impact evaluation and targeting contexts. 

Dr. Dan Runfola
Senior Geospatial Scientist, AidData

Geeta Batra
Chief Evaluation Officer and Deputy Director,
Independent Evaluation Office  
Global Environment Facility