December 10, 2018 to December 14, 2018

GEF IEO participated in a series of side events at the 24th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24).

Ms. Baljit Wadhwa, Senior Evaluation Officer, discussed broad highlights from the IEO’s recent Evaluation of the GEF-UNIDO Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP). The evaluation was also presented at the December 2018 Council meeting.


  1. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment for Climate Solutions:  A global perspective 
    • GCIP side-event 1 
    • Thailand DIP and NSTDA 
    • 10 Dec, 10h-12h, Thailand Pavilion
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Transformative Climate Solutions and Economic Growth
    • GCIP side-event 2 
    • New Energy Coalition 
    • 10 Dec, 18h30-20h, BENELUX-EIB Pavilion
  3. GEF-UNIDO Innovation Talks. Synergies of innovation ecosystem connectivity: Supporting developing countries to drive the transition to low-carbon and climate resilient economies and catalyzing investments in cleantech innovations
    • GCIP side-event 3
    • GEF Pavilion
    • 11 Dec, 10h-11h30, GEF Partnership Pavilion
  4. Cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship for climate change and economic growth
    • GCIP side-event 4 
    • Government of Turkey
    • 12 Dec, 13h-15h, Turkey Pavilion
  5. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment for Climate Solutions: Spotlight on Thailand
    • GCIP side-event 5 
    • Thailand DIP and NSTDA
    • 13 Dec, 13h30 - 16h30, Thailand Pavilion
  6. GEF-UNIDO Innovation Talks. GCIP's experiences in promoting high-impact cleantech and entrepreneurs in SMEs in developing countries
    • GCIP side-event 6 
    • GEF Pavilion
    • 13 Dec, 15h-16h30, GEF Partnership Pavilion
  7. Synergies in cleantech innovation ecosystem in connectivity: Technology collaboration and market expansion 
    • GCIP side-event TBC
    • KOTEC
    • TBC. Proposed 14 Dec, 10h - 11h30, Korea Pavilion