Senior-level Short-Term Consultant for Strategic Country Cluster Evaluation: Sahel and Sudan-Guinea Savanna biomes - Country Case Studies (Nigeria, Mali)

The IEO is conducting a Strategic Country Cluster Evaluation (SCCE) covering 23 countries in two Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) biomes, the Sahel and the Sudan-Guinea Savanna (in short, SSA Biomes SCCE). The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the factors enabling or hindering the sustainability of outcomes, the relevance of GEF support to countries, and their responsiveness to convention guidance. The evaluation will also assess gender, resilience and performance in fragile situations as cross-cutting issues. Starting from aggregate portfolio analysis to identify trends as well as cases of positive, absent or negative environmental change, the SSA Biomes SCCE will deep-dive in those themes and unpack them through purposive evaluative inquiry. In addition to the aggregate portfolio analysis, the SSA Biomes SCCE plans to use geospatial analysis to support field case studies that focus on specific environmental challenges, by providing additional information on selected sites and additional data for triangulation and analysis.

Responsibilities and accountabilities

This consultancy relates to the conduct of two country case studies, one in Nigeria and one in Mali. The overall level of effort is estimated at 30 days, subdivided in: one-two days to familiarize with the documentation and methodology, 13 days mission in each country, and two-three days for report writing. This subdivision is indicative and can be adjusted to suit emerging needs during the assignment. A country case study approach, interview guides and other data gathering tools are being developed by the IEO and will be shared and discussed with the selected candidate at the start of the assignment. The consultant will perform the following tasks:

Before the mission:

  1. Familiarize with the SSA Biomes SCCE and its methodology
  2. Familiarize with the case study methodology and project and program documentation
  3. Develop a work plan for the assignment, to be shared with / approved by the IEO
  4. Select project stakeholders for interviews and develop mission agendas, including the visits to specific project sites selected according to the methodology provided by the IEO

During the mission:

  1. Conduct structured interviews with stakeholders in the capital and at the selected project sites
  2. Conduct field visits and project sites observations, and write interview notes

Post mission:

  1. Analyze the data and information collected
  2. Report writing

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Submission Guidelines

Interested consultants are invited to submit expressions of interest (CV and cover letter) to with in the subject line “Senior Consultant - SSA Biomes SCCE”. The total size of all attachments should be less than 5MB.

Please note the deadline for this application is January 27th, 2019.