Health Co-Benefits of GEF Chemicals and Waste Focal Area (2019)

May 2020
Document Type:
Staff Publications
Nicholas Hadjimichael, Geeta Batra

This study is the first attempt to provide an account of health co-benefits associated with GEF interventions. Human health issues are part of the greater nexus of the environmental agenda and the work done at the GEF, spanning all focal areas. Due to limitations in scope, the study delves into a cohort of representative projects in the Chemicals and Waste (C&W) focal area.

C&W interventions provide a unique opportunity to assess health co-benefits of GEF interventions, as it is more feasible to track directly or secondarily, the pathways of exposure and attribute health outcomes to interventions in this context. Additionally, methods of calculating the impacts of these outcomes have been increasingly well-regarded and tested. Well-evidenced and growing consensus in the literature and among practitioners suggests that C&W-related burden of disease is substantially underestimated, especially among vulnerable populations in lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs).