Evaluation of the GEF support to Sustainable Forest Management(SFM) and REDD+ (2020)

March 2020
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Evaluation type:
Thematic Evaluation
Focal area:
Sustainable Forest Management
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Corporate & Country

Since its inception, the GEF has provided support to its partner countries to improve the sustainability of their forestry resources. Although SFM is not a focal area, SFM/REDD+ initiatives have been supported through the GEF focal area interventions, multifocal projects, integrated approach pilots (IAPs) in GEF-6, and, more recently, designed through the Impact Programs (IPs) in GEF-7. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the performance of the GEF SFM/REDD+ portfolio and to provide insights and lessons on the GEF support for future forest-related interventions based on evaluative evidence generated from the analysis. This evaluation will be the first independent review of the GEF support to SFM/REDD+ initiatives. The evaluation is currently being designed and will involve assessing the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, results, and impacts of SFM/REDD+ initiatives, and synthesizing the results and early impacts of ongoing SFM/REDD+ projects. It will also use the evaluation criteria to look at the cross-cutting issues, including governance, gender, indigenous peoples and local communities, and private sector engagement. This study will include a formative evaluation of the newer GEF forest relevant IAPs and IPs. The evaluation will be presented to the GEF Council in June 2021.