Multicountry Project Arrangements

September 2000
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Working Document
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Focal Areas Evaluation
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International Waters
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Thematic & Impact
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The Multicountry Project Arrangements study is the result of a thematic review carried out in 1999-2000 as a collaborative activity between the GEF Corporate Monitoring and Evaluation Team and the World Bank. 

The review explores experiences with multicountry projects. Its objective was to identify emerging lessons about what kinds of multicountry approaches have worked, what have not, why, and under what circumstances. For activities that require joint efforts and commitments by more than one country, what characteristics of project design and inter-institutional collaboration processes and structures facilitate effective decision making and implementation on transboundary issues?

The review also looked into the issues pertaining to preparation and administration from the point of view of the implementing agencies and the GEF Secretariat.

The review highlighted several specific lessons and areas of consideration for GEF pertaining to multicountry transboundary project design and implementation arrangements.