Results-Based Management (RBM) and Portal and Results Architecture

GEF's results architecture is based on information provided by the Agencies through project documents, project implementation reports (PIRs), tracking tools, mid-term reviews and terminal evaluations. The data on results and performance of the projects and programs is aggregated for reporting. The GEF portal - including its earlier incarnation as PMIS - provides a platform to store, manage and retrieve data on GEF projects and program. This includes data related to project appraisal, implementation, performance and results, that may be aggregated. Given the importance of RBM to the GEF Partnership, GEF IEO has covered it in several evaluations and reviews. The review of RBM conducted for the Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation of GEF (OPS-6) found that although RBM provides support for reporting, accountability and communications, it has played a limited role in evidence-based decision making and learning. The review called for an update of the RBM framework, an upgrade of the PMIS, and for addressing the shortcomings of the focal area tracking tools. The evaluation of GEF's RBM approach will assess the extent to which the relevant recommendations of OPS-6 have been implemented, effectiveness of the changes to the RBM approach, and efficacy of the GEF Portal. The evaluation will be an input to OPS-7.