Second Professional Peer Review of the GEF Evaluation Fuction

May 2014
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Peer Review
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The Second Professional Peer Review of the GEF Evaluation Function was completed in May 2014. The Review provided the GEF Council, the Assembly, the GEF Secretariat, the GEF Agencies and the IEO with an independent assessment of the evaluation function within the GEF. The Review was presented to the GEF Council in May 2014, together with management response. The report was also shared with the DAC Network on Development Evaluation, the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) and the Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) of the International Financial Institutions as feedback on the GEF evaluation function.

The Peer Review Panel was comprised of four members: 

  • Dr. Mary Chinery-Hesse, Member of the African Union Panel of the Wise (Chair of the Panel)
  • Rachel Sauvinet-Bedouin, Head, Independent Evaluation Arrangement, CGIAR (a Global Agricultural Research Partnership)
  • Rakesh Nangia, Evaluator General, Independent Development Evaluation of the African Development Bank and Chair of the Evaluation Cooperation Group of the International Financial Institutions
  • Nick York, Director, Country, Corporate and Global Evaluations, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank

The Panel was supported by an evaluation consultant:

  • Urs Zollinger, Managing Partner, King Zollinger & Co. Advisory Services