Value for Money Analysis for GEF Land Degradation Projects 2016

Independent Evaluation Office of the GEF
December 2018
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Thematic Evaluation
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Land Degradation
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Thematic & Impact
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This analysis brings together economists, computer scientists and geographers with expertise in remote sensing and impact evaluation to apply a value for money (VFM) assessment to the case of GEF Land Degradation (LD) projects. Leveraging methodological approaches to causal identification that have not previously been applied to the study of Land Degradation, this report explicitly quantifies (1) the causally-identified impact attributable to GEF LD project locations using three indicators (capturing vegetation productivity, forest fragmentation, and forest cover change), and (2) the VFM resultant from these impacts of GEF LD projects in terms of carbon sequestration.

Location of GEF Land Degradation Projects