National Evaluation Capacities (NEC) Conference 2019

October 20, 2019 to October 24, 2019

The GEF Independent Evaluation Office participated in numerous workshops and sessions during the National Evaluation Capacities (NEC) Conference organized by the Independent Evaluation Office of UNDP and the Government of Egypt. The theme of the conference was "Leave No One Behind: Evaluation for 2030". The conference objectives were to: (1) share lessons, innovations, experiences and perspectives in developing and stregthening national evaluation systems; (2) enhance evaluation skills and understanding in the context of SDGs; (3) foster existing and new partnerships to strengthen national evaluation systems.

Workshop: Introduction to Sustainability-Ready Evaluation | Monday, October 21 

The workshop introduced concepts, techniques and processes for evaluators to plan and conduct evaluations from a sustainability-ready perspective. The workshop facilitated participants' understanding of sustainability as coupled human and natural systems, as well as how to introduce sustainability to theories of change and manage the politics that will arise. Participants also learned important differences between human and natural systems including temporal and spatial scales, social and natural science methods, and the importance of boundary spanning

Facilitators: Andy Rowe (Founder, ARCeconomics) and Jeneen R. Garcia (Evaluation Officer, GEF IEO), with support from Kyoko Matsumoto (Senior Evaluation Officer, GEF IEO)

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Plenary 2 - Leaving No One Behind: Evaluation for 2030 | Tuesday, October 22 

This session framed the key themes of the conference, beginning with a presentation of emerging findings of the forthcoming Human Development Report on inequalities, followed by a discussion of the implications for evaluation and ensuring that evaluations leave no one behind.

Moderator: Ms. Heather Bryant, Section Chief, Capacity Development, Independent Evaluation Office.

Speakers: Mr. Pedro Conceição, Director, Human Development Report Office, UNDP; Mr. Ahmed Kamaly, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform, Egypt; Ms. Sukai Prom-Jackson, Chair and Inspector, Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations; Mr. Juha Uitto, Director, Independent Evaluation Office, Global Environment Facility; Mr. Indran Naidoo, Director, Independent Evaluation Office, UNDP, and ViceChair, United Nations Evaluation Group.

Session 12: Transforming Evaluation: New ways of looking at what works in policy interventions: Using geospatial data in evaluation | Wednesday, October 23 

Increasing availability of new types of data strengthens geospatial research in different scientific fields and creates opportunities to better measure results and evaluate the impacts of development interventions. During this panel three presenters discussed how geospatial data can help target the poor and inform impact evaluations.

Moderator: Mr. Juha Uitto, Director, Independent Evaluation Office, Global Environment Facility.

Speakers: Mr. Jozef Leonardus (Jos) Vaessen, Methods Advisor, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank; Ms. Jeneen Garcia, Evaluation Officer, Independent Evaluation Office, Global Environment Facility; Mr. Raphael Nawrotzki, Evaluator, DEval - German Institute for Development Evaluation.

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