Consulting Firm for the Evaluation of the GEF Country Support Programme

The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) is requesting Expressions of Interest from qualified consulting firms to provide services in evaluating the Country Support Programme (CSP) of the GEF.


The CSP was developed with the objective of providing all recipient countries with assistance and capacity building to make better use of the resources available through the GEF, including support for programming.

The Country Support Programme comprises a variety of opportunities for meetings and workshops to promote dialogue among different GEF stakeholder groups, including the following:

  • National Dialogue Initiative: National Dialogues are expected to provide a means for a broad range of stakeholders within a country to come together learn, discuss and agree, or take steps toward agreement, on environmental issues across the board.
  • Expanded Constituency Workshops: Expanded Constituency Workshops keep the GEF National Focal Points, Convention Focal Points and other key stakeholders, including civil society, up to date on GEF strategies, policies and procedures and to encourage coordination. The events enable focal points to meet with their counterparts from other countries in the region. They also allow other GEF partners, especially GEF Agencies, to discuss and review policies and procedures and to share experiences from GEF projects and their integration within national policy frameworks.
  • Constituency Meetings: These meetings are organized by and at the request of the Council Member with technical and logistics support by the GEF Secretariat. They are open only to GEF Focal Points of the constituency’s member countries. Council members may invite other participants as necessary, including GEF Agencies and other resource persons.
  • GEF Introduction Seminars: These are held once a year in Washington, D.C. to train new GEF Agency staff, as well as very new country focal points, on GEF history, structure, operations, strategies, policies and procedures. This includes the work of the Trustee, the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel and the Independent Evaluation Office, as well as specifics on other Trust Funds managed by the GEF that focus on Adaptation.
  • National Portfolio Formulation Exercise: All recipient countries can access GEF resources for a National Portfolio Formulation Exercise. These exercises are tools to help interested recipient countries decide on how best to use the resources available through the GEF. The output of such meetings is expected to be a National Portfolio Formulation Document that will describe the process of consultation held and the preliminary list of projects or project ideas that will be pursued

Objective and key questions

This evaluation aims to assess (a) the adequacy of the level and quality of support GEF focal points, civil society, and other stakeholders receive from the CSP; (b) the extent and the effectiveness of the interaction between the CSP and GEF stakeholders; (c) the efficiency in the use of resources allocated by the GEF Council to the CSP.

The evaluation seeks to answer the following questions:
a. Does the CSP provide adequate support, in terms of the level and quality, to GEF stakeholders, enabling them to meet their commitments to the Conventions? If so, how?
b. Do activities organized and planned by the CSP allow for effective and efficient interaction among GEF stakeholders?
c. In what ways does the CSP help countries in designing their national environmental agenda?
d. Does the current structure and funding of the CSP support the objectives of the program?

How to apply

Visit the World Bank's eConsultant2 website, create an account or login, click 'Business Opportunities' at the top of the page and search for Selection #1267474The deadline to apply is March 31, 2020.

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