Senior Consultant for the Evaluation of the Global Environment Facility’s Artisanal Gold Mining Portfolio

The Independent Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility is requesting Expressions of Interest from individual consultants for an evaluation of the Global Environment Facility’s Artisanal Gold Mining portfolio.

Evaluation Overview

The purpose of this evaluation is to provide GEF stakeholders with evaluative evidence on the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of GEF interventions in the ASGM portfolio. The evaluation’s target audience are the GEF Council members, other GEF stakeholders, as well as the general public and professionals interested in ASGM and chemical waste management. Key questions that the evaluation will seek to answer include:

  • Are the planetGOLD Programme’s strategies to reduce mercury in ASGM the most appropriate and innovative strategies given the current state of technology, science and global experience?
  • Is the program working at the stages of the gold supply chain where intervention will make the most impact on reducing mercury emissions?
  • Is the GEF’s ASGM portfolio relevant to objectives of the Minamata Convention, the GEF Chemicals and Waste strategy and coherent with other development and environmental projects working in the same geographies?
  • How effectively does the planetGOLD Programme build on the outcomes and lessons of previous ASGM projects?
  • To what extent has the program design accounted for factors that influence sustainability and progress towards long-term impacts?

Evaluation methods used will include document and literature review, supply-chain mapping, interviews, field visits and geospatial analysis. The evaluation will include in-depth post-completion project evaluations as part of a new IEO initiative for post-completion evaluation to assess sustainability of project outcomes.

Tasks and Deliverables

To assist in the evaluation, IEO is seeking the services of an expert consultant in the field of ASGM. The following is a non-exhaustive list of tasks to be performed by the selected consultant:

  1. Perform document and literature review of GEF ASGM project documents, scientific and technical literature and other pertinent manuscripts related to the ASGM sector.
  2. Perform a supply-chain mapping exercise for the ASGM sector in three target geographies to understand the major steps in the process, where in the chain GEF is intervening and the magnitude of mercury emissions at different steps in the chain.
  3. Perform field visits to 1-3 of the target geographies of Ecuador/Peru, Burkina Faso and Philippines to gather data for the supply chain mapping exercise. Field visits may also include assessing completed project outcome sustainability and interviewing current GEF ASGM project staff and stakeholders to learn more about project design.
  4. Contribute to evaluation reports including post-completion verification and the final evaluation report.
  5. Provide expert evaluation of the technologies, financial mechanisms and policies supported by GEF to determine if they are the most appropriate and innovative actions known by the broader ASGM community.

The main deliverables of this assignment will be the supply-chain mapping report, 1-2 post-completion reports for projects in the target geographies and contributions to the final evaluation report. The IEO will provide documentation, research assistance support and will introduce the consultant to relevant stakeholders. The assignment will start in March 2020. The supply chain mapping report will be delivered in May 2020, the post-completion assessment(s) in June 2020 and the final report deliverable be ready not later than August 31, 2020. The aggregate effort required is estimated to be 30 working days.

Selection criteria

The IEO invites highly motivated and experienced senior consultants to indicate their interest in providing their services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (CV and cover letter). Please note that the total size of all attachments should be less than 5MB. Selection criteria include:

  1. Master or advanced degree in a subject matter related to artisanal mining, chemicals and waste, small-scale mining policy and financing or related areas.
  2. At least 15 years of experience in development projects related to artisanal small-scale gold mining, mining policy, non-mercury small-scale mining technologies and/or financial mechanisms for small-scale miners and their communities.
  3. Background and experience in the areas of sustainable mining, with a general understanding of global environmental issues.
  4. Experience with ASGM sectors in West Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America—especially within the target geographies of Ecuador and Peru, Burkina Faso and Philippines.
  5. Preferred knowledge of and/or direct experience with the GEF and its Agencies.
  6. Strong quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analysis skills.
  7. Proven ability to write concise reports and excellent speaking skills in English. Additional professional communication skills in UN languages, especially French, will be considered an added advantage.

Terms of the contract

All contracts with the IEO are World Bank contracts and follow the relevant rules and regulations of the Bank. The contract offered to the selected candidate is for a maximum of 30 days from 1 March 2020 to 31 December 2020. Any need for additional days and compensation will be discussed and approved by the IEO prior to the beginning of extra work. The consultancy may take place both at the GEF IEO office, as well as the consultant’s own place of work. The consultant will also be expected to travel to one or more of the target geographies mentioned above.

Submission requirements

Interested consultants are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest in English, to with “Artisanal Gold Mining Evaluation – STC” in the subject. The application should include a CV and a cover letter expressing how their work experience fits the qualifications above. The application deadline is February 19, 2020.

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