Senior-level Short-Term Consultant for Evaluation of the Role of Medium Size Projects (MSP) in the GEF Partnership

The IEO is conducting an evaluation of the role of medium size projects in the GEF partnership, hereafter referred to as the ‘MSP evaluation’. The main objective is to evaluate the progress made since the last evaluation and assess the extent to which the MSP modality is achieving its intended role. The evaluation will also assess the relevance of the MSP within the GEF suite of modalities, asses the efficiency of MSPs in the GEF, and provide recommendations on the way forward for the MSP.

The MSP evaluation is being conducted through a mixed methods approach encompassing both quantitative and qualitative methods and tools (see the Approach Paper). Selection of case study countries draws upon ongoing national and regional projects and projects which have been completed in 2013 or later, having Annual Performance Review (APR) ratings for outcomes and sustainability.

Responsibilities and accountabilities

The IEO is seeking a consultant to contribute to the MSP evaluation. The consultant will primarily be responsible to conduct an assessment on the role of the MSP as a GEF instrument, the use of MSPs, the impact and scalability, and the governance and administrative procedures applied to the use of MSPs as an instrument of the GEF. The tasks include:

  • Interviews with management, country focal points and project team leads on the utility and effectiveness of the MSP as an instrument, and the complementarities with other GEF instruments
  • Provide advice on, and assist in the development of desk reviews, selection of case studies and field visit protocols for the evaluation
  • Analyze data and information gathered through document and portfolio reviews, meta-evaluation, quality-at-entry reviews, interviews, and field visits and complete three case studies
  • Contribute to data and method triangulation, gap analysis
  • Complete a draft evaluation report to be discussed with stakeholders

The IEO will provide quality assurance, methodological support and technical inputs (such as the project documents database) as well as access to the documentation.


The specific qualifications required for the job are:

  • Master’s or advanced degree in social, environmental or development science or other related studies
  • Minimum 8 years of experience in project, program, strategic or thematic evaluation in the areas of environment or sustainable development, with a general understanding of global environmental issues
  • Strong understanding of the GEF, its mode of operations, and the implementing Agencies
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills; spoken and written English. Knowledge of other languages is a plus
  • Demonstrated ability to work in multidisciplinary teams

Terms of the contract and duration

All contracts with the GEF IEO are World Bank contracts and follow the relevant rules and regulations of the Bank. The contract offered to the selected candidate would be for a maximum of 40 days from  April 15  to August 30, 2020 and may require travel if current restrictions on travel are lifted. The IEO will provide access to a cloud-based background documentation repository or provide access in another way to a full set of documentation and portfolio data.

The selected candidate will be expected to work at his own home or office, using their own facilities. Out-of-station travel will be done following the World Bank rules and procedures. Separate and specific terms of reference will be provided for such trips.

The IEO requires that all consultants sign a “Declaration of Interest” in which the consultant explains any previous involvement with the GEF (Annex 1 of “GEF Evaluation Office Ethical Guidelines” July 2007).


Interested consultants are invited to submit expressions of interest (CV and cover letter) to with in the subject line “Senior Consultant – MSP Evaluation”. The total size of all attachments should be less than 5MB. The deadline to apply is April 1, 2020.

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