Anupam Anand

Evaluation Officer
Anupam Anand

Anupam joined the GEFIEO in 2014. He uses satellite data, GIS, machine learning, computational social science,  field surveys, and other mixed methods to evaluate environmental and developmental projects.

Before GEF, he was a Remote Sensing Scientist at the Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF), University of Maryland, where he worked on developing satellite-based global data products and participated in multiple NASA-funded projects, including field campaigns for NASA's future satellite missions. He has qualitative field research experience in south Asia, and has worked with indigenous communities in the Indian trans-Himalayas. 

Anupam has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in GIS, spatial analysis, quantitative methods, ecological labs, GIS, statistical modeling and data visualization at the University of Maryland. He has published several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters broadly related to remote sensing, ecology, sustainable development,  land cover change, and environmental policy. Anupam completed his Ph.D in Geographical Sciences from the University of Maryland.

Tel: +1 202 473 3147