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This visualization, from the filter criteria applied reflects analysis of data from 2,152 completed GEF projects, which account for $9,341.25M in GEF grants and $60,233.02M in co-financing.

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Ratings for Rated Projects in the Satisfactory range by GEF replenishment period

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GEF replenishment period: Pilot Phase

Wildlands Protection and Management (Project ID: 48)
Coastal Wetlands Management (Project ID: 49)
Tana River National Primate Reserve Conservation Project (Project ID: 50)
Lake Malawi/Nyasa Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 51)
Household Energy (Project ID: 52)
Transfrontier Conservation Areas Pilot and Institutional Strengthening (Project ID: 53)
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Conservation (Project ID: 54)
West Africa Pilot Community-Based Natural Resource and Wildlife Management (Project ID: 55)
Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 57)
National Biodiversity Project (PROBIO) (Project ID: 58)
Ship-Generated Waste Management (Project ID: 59)
Tejona Wind Power (Project ID: 60)
Biodiversity Protection (Project ID: 61)
Protected Areas Program (Project ID: 62)
Demand Side Management Demonstration (Project ID: 64)
Red Sea Coastal and Marine Resource Management (Project ID: 66)
Coal-to-Gas Project (Project ID: 67)
Oil Pollution Management Project for the Southwest Mediterranean Sea (Project ID: 68)
Danube Delta Biodiversity (Project ID: 69)
Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Project ID: 70)
In-Situ Conservation of Genetic Biodiversity (Project ID: 71)
Sichuan Gas Transmission and Distribution Rehabilitation (Project ID: 75)
Alternate Energy (Project ID: 76)
Biodiversity Collections (Project ID: 77)
Wildlife and Protected Areas Conservation (Project ID: 78)
Conservation of Priority Protected Areas (Project ID: 79)
Leyte-Luzon Geothermal (Project ID: 80)
Promotion of Electricity Energy Efficiency (Project ID: 81)
Biodiversity Conservation and Management (Project ID: 85)
Solar Water heating (Project ID: 86)
Danube Delta Biodiversity (Project ID: 100)
Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Project ID: 126)
Biodiversity Data Management Capacitation in Developing Countries and Networking Biodiversity Information (Project ID: 145)
Global Biodiversity Assessment (Project ID: 173)
Biodiversity Conservation and Management in the Coastal Zone of the Dominican Republic (Project ID: 195)
Control of Exotic Aquatic Weeds in Rivers and Coastal Lagoons to Enhance and Restore Biodiversity (Project ID: 346)
Biodiversity Conservation and Resource Management (Project ID: 347)
Biodiversity Conservation in the Darien Region (Project ID: 348)
Conservation of Biodiversity through Effective Management of Wildlife Trade (Project ID: 349)
Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal (Project ID: 350)
A Dynamic Farmer-Based Approach to the Conservation of African Plant Genetic Resources (Project ID: 351)
Development of Wildlife Conservation and Protected Areas Management (Project ID: 352)
Patagonian Coastal Zone Management Plan (Project ID: 354)
Conservation of the Dana and Azraq Protected Areas (Project ID: 355)
Restoration of Highly Degraded and Threatened Native Forests in Mauritius (Project ID: 356)
Institutional Support for the Protection of East African Biodiversity (Project ID: 357)
Sustainable Development and Management of Biologically Diverse Coastal Resources (Project ID: 358)
Optimizing Biological Diversity within Wildlife Ranching systems; A Pilot Demonstration in A Semi-arid Zone (Project ID: 359)
Protecting Biodiversity and Establishing Sustainable Development of the in Sabana-Camaguey Region (Project ID: 363)
Strengthening Conservation Capacity and Development and Institution of a National Biodiversity Conservation Plan (Implementation Phase I) (Project ID: 365)
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Choco Biogeographic Region (Project ID: 366)
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Eastern Wetlands (Project ID: 367)
Programme for Sustainable Forestry (Iwokrama Rain Forest Programme) (Project ID: 368)
Development of High Rate BioMethanation Processes as Means of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Project ID: 370)
Decentralized Wind Electric Power for Social and Economic Development (Alizes Electriques) (Project ID: 371)
Reduction of Greenhouse Gases (Project ID: 372)
Photovoltaics for Household and Community Use (Project ID: 374)
Control of Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Energy Efficient Building Technology in West Africa (Project ID: 376)
Community Based Rangeland Rehabilitation for Carbon Sequestration (Project ID: 377)
Biomass Integrated Gasification/Gas Turbine Project (Project ID: 381)
Optimizing Development of Small Hydel Resources in Hilly Areas (Project ID: 386)
Fuel Efficiency in the Road Transport Sector (Project ID: 391)
Support for Regional Oceans Training Programmes (Project ID: 392)
Water Pollution Control and Biodiversity Conservation in the Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) (Project ID: 393)
Protection of Marine Ecosystems of the Red Sea Coast (Project ID: 394)
Lake Manzala Engineered Wetlands (Project ID: 395)
Prevention and Management of Marine Pollution in the East Asian Seas (Project ID: 396)
Pollution Control and Other Measures to Protect Biodiversity in Lake Tanganyika (Project ID: 398)
South Pacific Biodiversity Conservation Programme (Project ID: 403)
Biodiversity Conservation and Marine Pollution Abatement (Project ID: 535)
Biodiversity Protection (Project ID: 537)
National Trust Fund for Protected Areas (Project ID: 538)
Forest Biodiversity Protection (Project ID: 539)
Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation (Project ID: 542)
Transcarpathian Biodiversity Protection (Project ID: 543)
Biodiversity Protection (Project ID: 566)
Biodiversity Protection (Project ID: 567)
Teheran Transport Emissions Reduction (Project ID: 572)

GEF replenishment period: GEF-1

Regional Environment and Information Management Project (REIMP) (Project ID: 47)
Gulf of Aqaba Environmental Action Plan (Project ID: 72)
Water and Environmental Management in the Aral Sea Basin (Project ID: 73)
Ozone Depleting Substance Consumption Phase-out (first tranche) (Project ID: 74)
Nature Reserves Management (Project ID: 83)
India Ecodevelopment (Project ID: 84)
Protected Areas Management Project (Project ID: 87)
Lake Victoria Environmental Management (Project ID: 88)
Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 90)
Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Program (IFC) (Project ID: 91)
Biodiversity Conservation Project (Project ID: 92)
Ozone Depleting Substances Phase-out Project (Project ID: 93)
Technical Support and Investment Project for the Phaseout of Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 94)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants (Project ID: 95)
Efficient Industrial Boilers (Project ID: 97)
Energy Conservation (Project ID: 98)
Kerinci Seblat Integrated Conservation and Development (Project ID: 99)
Institutional Capacity Building for Protected Areas Management and Sustainable Use (ICB-PAMSU) (Project ID: 101)
Biodiversity Restoration (Project ID: 102)
Biodiversity Resources Development (Project ID: 103)
Energy Services Delivery (Project ID: 104)
Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Global Climate Change (CARICOM) (Project ID: 105)
Klaipeda Geothermal Demonstration (Project ID: 106)
Ozone Depleting Substances Phaseout Project (Project ID: 107)
Phaseout of Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 108)
Central Asia Transboundary Biodiversity Project (Project ID: 110)
Photovoltaic Market Transformation Initiative (IFC) (Project ID: 112)
Lake Ohrid Management (Project ID: 113)
Phaseout of Ozone Depleting Substances (second tranche) (Project ID: 114)
Phaseout of Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 115)
Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project (COREMAP I) (Project ID: 116)
Atlantic Biological Corridor (Project ID: 117)
Sustainable and Participatory Energy Management (Project ID: 118)
Solar Home Systems (SHS) (Project ID: 119)
Honduras Biodiversity Project (Project ID: 121)
Solid Waste Management and Landfill Gas Recovery (Project ID: 123)
Renewable Energy in Rural Markets Project (Project ID: 124)
Environment Program Support Project (Project ID: 125)
Kyjov Waste Heat Utilization (Project ID: 127)
Energy Efficiency Project (Project ID: 128)
Biodiversity Conservation Management Project (Project ID: 129)
Atlantic Mesoamerican Biological Corridor Project (Project ID: 133)
Cape Peninsula Biodiversity Conservation Project (Project ID: 134)
Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Program (IFC, first replenishment) (Project ID: 135)
Natural Resource Management (Project ID: 136)
People, Land Management, and Environmental Change (PLEC) (Project ID: 142)
Integrated Management of Jigme Dorji National Park (Project ID: 192)
Integrated Biodiversity Protection in the Sarstun-Motagua Region (Project ID: 197)
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Lake Titicaca Basin (Project ID: 202)
Consolidation and Implementation of the Patagonia Coastal Zone Management Programme for Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 205)
Consolidation of the Banados del Este Biosphere Reserve (Project ID: 206)
Vietnam PARC - Creating Protected Areas for Resources Conservation (PARC) in Vietnam Using a Landscape Ecology Approach (Project ID: 209)
Strengthening of National Capacity and Grassroots In-Situ Conservation for Sustainable Biodiversity Protection (Project ID: 216)
A Highly Decentralized Approach to Biodiversity Protection and Use: The Bangassou Dense Forest. (Project ID: 218)
Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in the Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros (Project ID: 220)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Biodiversity of Socotra Archipelago (Project ID: 223)
Establishment of a Programme for the Consolidation of the Meso-American Biological Corridor (Project ID: 243)
Conserving Mountain Biodiversity in Southern Lesotho (Project ID: 245)
Rehabilitation of Protected Areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Project ID: 248)
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Livelihood Options in the Grasslands of Eastern Mongolia (Project ID: 250)
Southern Africa Biodiversity Support Programme (Project ID: 260)
Capacity Building for the Rapid Commercialization of Renewable Energy (Project ID: 261)
Energy Conservation and Pollution Control in Township and Village Enterprise Industries (Project ID: 263)
Supply-Side Efficiency and Energy Conservation and Planning (Project ID: 264)
Energy Efficiency Improvements and Greenhouse Gas Reductions (Project ID: 267)
Reduction of Methane Emissions and Utilization of Municipal Waste for Energy in Amman (Project ID: 280)
Capacity Building for GHG Emission Reduction through Energy Efficiency (Project ID: 284)
Capacity Building to Reduce Key Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Russian Residential Buildings and Heat Supply (Project ID: 292)
Energy Efficiency Strategy to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Project ID: 302)
A Program for Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy Using the Popular Participation Law (Project ID: 314)
Coal Bed Methane Capture and Commercial Utilization (Project ID: 325)
Renewable Energy-Based Electricity for Rural, Social and Economic Development in Ghana (Project ID: 333)
Biomass Power Generation: Sugar Cane Bagasse and Trash (Project ID: 338)
Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme(SAP) for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (Project ID: 340)
Phaseout of Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 343)
Lithuania Phase out of Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 344)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Dryland Agro-Biodiversity of the Fertile Crescent (Project ID: 400)
Pilot Biosafety Enabling Activity (Project ID: 402)
Energy Efficiency (Project ID: 404)
African NGO-Government Partnership for Sustainable Biodiversity Action (Project ID: 406)
Inventory, Evaluation and Monitoring of Botanical Diversity in Southern Africa: A Regional Capacity and Institution Building Network (Project ID: 407)
National Parks Conservation and Management Project (Project ID: 408)
Protected Areas Management (Project ID: 409)
Conservation of Wetland and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region (Project ID: 410)
Conservation Management of Eritrea's Coastal, Marine and Island Biodiversity (Project ID: 411)
Biodiversity Conservation in the Azov-Black Sea Ecological Corridor (Project ID: 412)
Global Biodiversity Forum Phase II (Project ID: 413)
Off-grid Electrification Pilot Demonstration, A Component of the Laos Southern Provinces Rural Electrification (Project ID: 424)
Energy and Water Sector Reform and Development (Project ID: 444)
Barrier Removal for the Widespread Commercialization of Energy-Efficient CFC-Free Refrigerators in China (Project ID: 445)
Renewable Energy Development (Project ID: 446)
Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project (Project ID: 448)
Photovoltaic-Based Rural Electrification in Peru (Project ID: 449)
Participatory Management of Plant Genetic Resources in Oases of the Maghreb (Project ID: 456)
Biological Diversity Conservation through Participatory Rehabilitation of the Degraded Lands of the Arid and Semi-Arid Transboundary Areas of Mauritania and Senegal (Project ID: 457)
Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management Project (Project ID: 458)
Coastal Contamination Prevention and Sustainable Fisheries Management (Project ID: 459)
Preparation of A Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for the Dnieper River Basin and Development of SAP Implementation Mechanisms (Project ID: 460)
Determination of Priority Actions for the Further Elaboration and Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the Mediterranean Sea (Project ID: 461)
Preparation of A Strategic Action Programme (SAP) and Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) for the Tumen River Area, Its Coastal Regions and Related Northeast Asian Environs (Project ID: 462)
Programme for Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 463)
Global Environmental Citizenship (GEC) (Project ID: 464)
Development of Best Practices and Dissemination of Lessons Learned for Dealing with the Global Problem of Alien Species that Threaten Biological Diversity (Project ID: 465)
Promotion of Biodiversity Conservation within Coffee Landscapes (Project ID: 466)
Management of Avian Ecosystems (Project ID: 483)
Conservation and Management of Habitats and Species, and Sustainable Community Use of Biodiversity in Dinder National Park (Project ID: 534)
Conservation Priority-Setting for the Upper Guinea Forest Ecosystems, West Africa (Project ID: 536)
Reducing Biodiversity Loss at Cross-Border Sites in East Africa (Project ID: 541)
Barrier Removal to Encourage and Secure Market Transformation and Labeling of Refrigerators (Project ID: 576)
Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA) (Project ID: 584)
Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project Phase II (COREMAP II) (Project ID: 1829)
Protected Areas Management and Sustainable Use (PAMSU) (Project ID: 1830)

GEF replenishment period: GEF-2

Transhumance for Biodiversity Conservation in the Southern High Atlas (Project ID: 1)
Samar Island Biodiversity Project: Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Biodiversity of a Forested Protected Area (Project ID: 2)
Hon Mun Marine Protected Area Pilot Project (Project ID: 4)
Capacity Building for the Adoption and Application of Energy Codes for Buildings (Project ID: 5)
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses for Urban Transport (Project ID: 6)
Second Beijing Environment Project (Project ID: 7)
Rural Energy (Project ID: 8)
Biomass Energy for Rural India (Project ID: 10)
Hybrid Solar Thermal Power Plant (Project ID: 12)
Removal of Barriers to Biomass Power Generation and Co-generation (Project ID: 13)
Regionally-Based Assessment of Persistent Toxic Substances (Project ID: 14)
Programme for Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 15)
Management and Protection of Laguna del Tigre National Park (Project ID: 16)
Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes through Conservation Farming (Project ID: 17)
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Project ID: 18)
Concentrating Solar Power for Africa (CSP-Africa) (Project ID: 19)
Conservation Planning for Biodiversity in the Thicket Biome (Project ID: 20)
Community Conservation and Compatible Enterprise Development on Pohnpei (Project ID: 21)
Commercialization of Super Insulated Building Technology (Project ID: 22)
Promoting Best Practices for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity of Global Significance in Arid and Semi-arid Zones (Project ID: 23)
Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystem Conservation in the Caucasus (Project ID: 25)
Conservation of Elephant Landscapes in Aceh (Project ID: 26)
Creation and Strengthening of the Capacity for Sustainable Renewable Energy Development in Central America (Project ID: 27)
Renewable Energy-Based Small Enterprise Development in the Quiche Region (Project ID: 28)
Palawan New and Renewable Energy and Livelihood Support Project (Project ID: 29)
Upper Mustang Biodiversity Project (Project ID: 30)
Introduction of Viable Electric and Hybrid-Electric Bus Technology (Project ID: 31)
Mini-Hydropower Project (Project ID: 32)
An Indicator Model for Dryland Ecosystems in Latin America (Project ID: 33)
Integrated Coastal Management Project (Project ID: 488)
Kibale Forest Wild Coffee Project (Project ID: 490)
Kopacki Rit Wetlands Management Project (Project ID: 495)
Northern Belize Biological Corridors Project (Project ID: 496)
Conservation of Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (Project ID: 497)
Creating A Co-Managed Protected Areas System (Project ID: 499)
In-Situ Conservation of Native Cultivars and Their Wild Relatives (Project ID: 500)
Paraguayan Wildlands Protection Initiative (Project ID: 503)
Management of Indigenous Vegetation for the Rehabilitation of Degraded Rangelands in the Arid Zone of Africa (Project ID: 504)
Mountain Areas Conservancy Project (MACP) (Project ID: 505)
Protected Areas Development (Project ID: 512)
Forestry and Conservation Project (Project ID: 513)
The Role of the Coastal Ocean in the Disturbed and Undisturbed Nutrient and Carbon Cycles (Project ID: 514)
Emergency Response Measure to Combat Fires in Indonesia and to Prevent Regional Haze in South East Asia (Project ID: 518)
Experimental Validation of Building Codes and Removal of Barriers to Their Adoption (Project ID: 520)
Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) of the Pacific Small Island Developing States (Project ID: 530)
Rural Environmental Project (Project ID: 531)
Strengthening Capacity for Global Knowledge-Sharing in International Waters (Project ID: 532)
Western Indian Ocean Islands Oil Spill Contingency Planning (Project ID: 533)
Building Chiller Replacement Program (Project ID: 540)
Efficient Street Lighting Program (Project ID: 569)
Energy Efficiency Market Development (Project ID: 570)
Low-Cost/Low-Energy Buildings in the Czech Republic (Project ID: 571)
Removal of Barriers to Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (Project ID: 573)
Integrated Watershed Management Program for the Pantanal and Upper Paraguay River Basin (Project ID: 583)
Integrated Management of Land-Based Activities in the Sao Francisco Basin (Project ID: 586)
Priority Actions to Consolidate Biodiversity Protection in the Sabana-Camaguey Ecosystem (Project ID: 591)
Conservation And Sustainable Use of the Barrier Reef Complex (Project ID: 592)
Programme for Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 593)
Programme for Phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 594)
Solar Development Group (SDG) (Project ID: 595)
Building Partnerships for the Environmental Protection and Management of the East Asian Seas (Project ID: 597)
Lop Nur Nature Sanctuary Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 600)
Monitoring System for the Galapagos Islands (Project ID: 601)
Removal of Barriers to the Effective Implementation of Ballast Water Control and Management Measures in Developing Countries (Project ID: 610)
Redirecting Commercial Investment Decisions to Cleaner Technologies – A Technology Transfer Clearinghouse (Project ID: 611)
World Water Vision - Water and Nature (Project ID: 612)
Environmental Protection of the Rio de la Plata and Its Maritime Front: Pollution Prevention and Control and Habitat Restoration (Project ID: 613)
Demonstrations of Innovative Approaches to the Rehabilitation of Heavily Contaminated Bays in the Wider Caribbean (Project ID: 614)
Mekong River Basin Water Utilization Project (Project ID: 615)
Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 618)
Sustainability of the National System of Protected Areas (Project ID: 620)
Biodiversity and Protected Area Management Pilot Project for the Virachey National Park (Project ID: 621)
Energy Conservation and GHG Emission Reduction in Chinese Township and Village Enterprises (TVE), Phase II (Project ID: 622)
Wetland Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use (Project ID: 623)
Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Western Slope of the Serrania del Baudo (Project ID: 625)
Wetland Priorities for Conservation Action (Project ID: 628)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants (Project ID: 631)
Renewable Energy Hybrid Power Systems (Project ID: 632)
Agricultural Research, Extension, Training (ARET) Project (Project ID: 633)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve's Coastal Biodiversity (Project ID: 634)
Barrier Removal for Cross Sectoral Energy Efficiency (Project ID: 636)
Development of Mini-Hydropower Plants (Project ID: 637)
Mulanje Mountain Biodiversity Conservation Project (Project ID: 640)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Tropical Peat Swamp Forests and Associated Wetland Ecosystems (Project ID: 642)
Renewable Energy for Agriculture (Project ID: 643)
El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve: Habitat Enhancement in Productive Landscapes (Project ID: 644)
Oaxaca Sustainable Hillside Management Project (Project ID: 645)
Market Development for Solar Water Heaters (Project ID: 646)
Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant (formerly Solar Based Thermal Power Plant) (Project ID: 647)
Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Management Project (Project ID: 648)
Indigenous Management of Protected Areas in the Amazon (Project ID: 651)
Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Conservation in Mindanao (Project ID: 653)
Zakopane/Podhale Geothermal District Heating and Environment Project (Project ID: 654)
Ozone Depleting Substance Consumption Phase-out Project : Tranche III - Small Grant Program (SGP) - Residual ODS Phase Out Management Component (Project ID: 655)
Marine Biodiversity Protection and Management (Project ID: 656)
Removing Barriers to the Increased Use of Biomass as an Energy Source (Project ID: 658)
Sustainable Protected Area Development in Namaqualand (Project ID: 659)
Conservation of Globally Significant Forest Ecosystems in Suriname’s Guayana Shield (Project ID: 661)
Protected Areas Management (Project ID: 665)
Coastal Zone Management along the Gulf of Aden (Project ID: 666)
Coastal and Wetland Biodiversity Management at Cox's Bazar and Hakakuki Haor (Project ID: 668)
Ecomarkets (Project ID: 671)
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Talamanca-Caribbean Biological Corridor (Project ID: 672)
Effective Protection with Community Participation of the New Protected Area of San Lorenzo (Project ID: 681)
Maloti-Drakensberg Conservation and Development Project (Project ID: 762)
Control of Invasive Species in the Galapagos Archipelago (Project ID: 763)
West Java/Jakarta Environmental Management Project (Project ID: 765)
Landfill Methane Recovery Demonstration Project (Project ID: 766)
Reversal of Land and Water Degradation Trends in the Lake Chad Basin Ecosystem (Project ID: 767)
Programme for Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 768)
Programme for Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 769)
Millennium Ecosystem Assesment (Project ID: 770)
Amazon Region Protected Areas Program (ARPA) (Project ID: 771)
Community Based Conservation in the Bamenda Highlands (Project ID: 772)
Caribbean Archipelago Biosphere Reserve: Regional Marine Protected Area System (Project ID: 773)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Andes Region (Project ID: 774)
Choco-Andean Corridor (Project ID: 775)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants in Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems (Project ID: 776)
Northern Savanna Biodiversity Conservation (NSBC) Project (Project ID: 777)
Indigenous and Community Biodiversity Conservation (COINBIO) (Project ID: 778)
Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (Project ID: 779)
Development of Mnazi Bay Marine Park (Project ID: 780)
Wind Power Market Development Initiative (Project ID: 783)
Methane Capture and Use (Landfill Demonstration Project (Project ID: 784)
Metro Manila Urban Transport Integration Project - Marikina Bikeways Project Component (Project ID: 785)
Krakow Energy Efficiency Project (Project ID: 786)
Rural Energy for Development (Project ID: 787)
Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) Toward Achievement of the Integrated Management of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) (Project ID: 789)
Reducing Environmental Stress in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecoystem (Project ID: 790)
Formulation of a Strategic Action Program for the Integrated Management of Water Resources and the Sustainable Development of the San Juan River Basin and its Coastal Zone (Project ID: 791)
Program for the Management of Forests and Adjacent Lands (Project ID: 793)
Catalyzing Conservation Action in Latin America: Identifying Priority Sites and Best Management (Project ID: 794)
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management (Project ID: 795)
Lake Baringo Community-based Integrated Land and Water Management Project (Project ID: 796)
Conservation of Biodiversity at Mount Myohyang (Project ID: 797)
Sustainable Management of Mount Isarog (Project ID: 798)
Conservation of the Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park and World Heritage Site (Project ID: 799)
Marine Ecosystem Management Project (Project ID: 800)
Central European Grasslands - Conservation and Sustainable Use (Project ID: 801)
Conservation of Biodiversity through Integrated Collaborative Management in Rekawa, Ussangoda, and Kalametiya Coastal Ecosystems (Project ID: 802)
Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park Development (Project ID: 803)
Solar Water Heaters (SWHs) for Low-income Housing in Peri-Urban Areas (Project ID: 805)
Persistent Toxic Substances, Food Security, and Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North (Project ID: 807)
Coral Reef Monitoring Network in Member States of the Indian Ocean Commission (COI), within the Global Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) (Project ID: 814)
Dry Forest Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 815)
Restoration of Round Island (Project ID: 816)
Biodiversity Conservation of Lake Bosumtwe Basin (Project ID: 817)
Conservation of Globally Threatened Species in the Rainforests of Southwest Sri Lanka (Project ID: 818)
Fuel Cell Bus and Distributed Power Generation Market Prospects and Intervention Strategy Options (Project ID: 819)
Promoting Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainble Use in the Frontier Forests of Northwestern Mato Grosso (Project ID: 834)
Public Sector Energy Efficiency Programme (Project ID: 835)
Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund (CEPF) (Project ID: 836)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (Project ID: 837)
Integrated Conservation of Priority Globally Significant Migratory Bird Wetland Habitat (Project ID: 838)
Integrated Ecosystem Management in 3 Priority Ecoregions (Project ID: 839)
Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (Project ID: 840)
Environmental Protection and Sustainable Management of the Okavango River Basin (Project ID: 842)
Removal of Barriers to Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy (Project ID: 843)
Valdivian Forest Zone: Private-Public Mechanisms for Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 844)
The Greater Berbak-Sembilang Integrated Coastal Wetlands Conservation Project (Project ID: 845)
Albarradas in Coastal Ecuador: Rescuing Ancient Knowledge on Sustainable Use of Biodiversity (Project ID: 846)
Renewable Energy and Forest Conservation: Sustainable Harvest and Processing of Coffee and Allspice (Project ID: 847)
Development and Protection of the Coastal and Marine Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa (Project ID: 849)
Establishment of the Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere Reserve as a Model for Biodiveristy Conservation (Project ID: 855)
Renewable Energy Systems in the Peruvian Amazon Region (RESPAR) (Project ID: 857)
Improved Household Stoves in Mongolian Urban Centers (Project ID: 862)
Community-managed Sarstoon Temash Conservation Project (Project ID: 863)
Multi-agency and Local Participatory Cooperation in Biodiversity Conservation in Yunnan's Upland Ecosystem (Project ID: 864)
Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah, its Natural Habitat and Associated Biota (Project ID: 865)
Transfer of Environmentally-sound Technology (TEST) to Reduce Transboundary Pollution in the Danube River Basin (Project ID: 867)
Establishment of Private Natural Heritage Reserves in the Brazilian Cerrado (Project ID: 868)
Assessments of Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change in Multiple Regions and Sectors (AIACC) (Project ID: 874)
Development of National Biosafety Frameworks (Project ID: 875)
Partnership for Natural Ecosystem Management Program (PAGEN) (Project ID: 876)
Consolidation of the Protected Areas Program (SINAP II) (Project ID: 877)
Protected Areas and Wildlife Conservation Project (Project ID: 878)
Targeted Research Related to Climate Change (Project ID: 880)
Removing Barriers to Improving Energy Efficiency of the Residential and Service Sectors (Project ID: 882)
Energy Efficiency Project (Project ID: 883)
Reduction of Environmental Impact from Tropical Shrimp Trawling through Introduction of By-catch Technologies and Change of Management (Project ID: 884)
Reversing Environmental Degradation Trends in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand (Project ID: 885)
Implementation of Strategic Action Program for the Bermejo River Binational Basin: Phase II (Project ID: 886)
Biodiversity Conservation in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve (Project ID: 887)
Land Use Change Analysis as an Approach for Investigating Biodiversity Loss and Land Degradation (Project ID: 905)
Landscape-scale Conservation of Endangered Tiger and Rhinoceros Populations in and Around Chitwan National Park (Project ID: 906)
Arun Valley Sustainable Resource Use and Management Pilot Demonstration Project (Project ID: 907)
Biodiversity Conservation and Management of the Bohol Islands Marine Triangle (Project ID: 913)
Economic and Cost-effective Use of Wood Waste for Municipal Heating Stystems (Project ID: 914)
Technology Transfer Networks, Phase 1 (Project ID: 920)
Electricity Services for Rural Areas Project (Project ID: 921)
Baltic Sea Regional Project, Tranche 1 (Project ID: 922)
Conservation of Montane Forest and Paramo in the Colombian Massif, Phase I (Project ID: 925)
Demonstrating Sustainable Conservation of Biological Diversity in Four Protected Areas in Russia’s Kamchatka Oblast, Phase I (Project ID: 932)
Climate Change Mitigation in Ukraine Through Energy Efficiency in Municipal District Heating (Pilot Project in Rivne) Stage 1 (Project ID: 934)
Power and Communications Sectors Modernization and Rural Services Project (PROMEC) (Project ID: 938)
Sustainable Forest Development Project, Protected Areas Management Component (Project ID: 939)
Biomass-based Power Generation and Co-generation in the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry, Tranche I (Project ID: 940)
Demonstration of Fuel Cell Bus Commercialization in China (Phase II-Part I) (Project ID: 941)
Local Empowerment and Environmental Management Project - Micro Watershed and Environmental Management Project (Project ID: 942)
Renewable Energy Scale Up Program (CRESP), Phase 1 (Project ID: 943)
Energy Efficiency Project (Project ID: 944)
National Protected Areas System (Project ID: 945)
Rural Electrification and Transmission (Project ID: 946)
Integrated Silvo-Pastoral Approaches to Ecosystem Management (Project ID: 947)
Vilnius Heat Demand Management Project (Project ID: 948)
Systems Efficiency Improvement, Equitization and Renewables (SEER) Project - Renewables Components (Project ID: 965)
Integrated Management of Critical Ecosystems (Project ID: 972)
Environmental Protection and Sustainable Integrated Management of the Guarani Aquifer (Project ID: 974)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Traditional Medicinal Plants (Project ID: 977)
Biodiversity Conservation in Cacao Agro-forestry (Project ID: 979)
Community-based Management of On-farm Plant Genetic Resources in Arid and Semi-arid Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa (Project ID: 981)
Integrated Approach to Wood Waste Combustion for Heat Production (Project ID: 982)
Improving the Energy Efficiency of the Heat and Hot Water Supply (Project ID: 983)
Dynamics of Biodiversity Loss and Permafrost Melt in Lake Hovsgol National Park (Project ID: 984)
Developing Renewable Ground Water Resources in Arid Lands: a Pilot Case - the Eastern Desert of Egypt (Project ID: 985)
Development of National Implementation Plans for the Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) (Project ID: 1016)
Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Mataven Forest (Project ID: 1020)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Chiloé Globally Significant Biodiversity (Project ID: 1021)
Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Programme (PIREP) (Project ID: 1058)
Capacity building for Stage II Adaptation to Climate Change (Central America, Mexico and Cuba) (Project ID: 1060)
Integrated Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Management (Project ID: 1067)
Rural Power (Project ID: 1071)
DBSB: Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project - under WB-GEF Strategic Partnership for Nutrient Reduction in the Danube River and Black Sea (Project ID: 1074)
Caribbean: Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change (Project ID: 1084)
Developing an Integrated Protected Area System for the Cardamom Mountains (Project ID: 1086)
Asian Conservation Company (ACC) (Project ID: 1089)
Nile Transboundary Environmental Action Project, Tranche 1 (Project ID: 1094)
Efficient Utilization of Agricultural Wastes (Project ID: 1105)
Senegal River Basin Water and Environmental Management Program (Project ID: 1109)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Globally Significant Biodiversity in the Tassili and Ahaggar National Parks (Project ID: 1114)
DBSB: Wetland Restoration and Pollution Reduction Project - under WB-GEF Strategic Partnership for Nutrient Reduction in the Danube River and Black Sea (Project ID: 1123)
Karst Ecosystem Conservation Project (Project ID: 1133)
Renewable Energy for Electricity Generation-Renewable Electrification of the Galapagos Islands (Project ID: 1135)
Komodo National Park Collaborative Management Initiative (Project ID: 1144)
Introduction of Climate Friendly Measures in Transport (Project ID: 1155)
Energy Reform and Access Project (Project ID: 1158)
DBSB: Agricultural Pollution Control Project - under WB-GEF Strategic Partnership for Nutrient Reduction in the Danube River and Black Sea (Project ID: 1159)
Support to the National Programme of Action for the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment, Tranche 1 (Project ID: 1164)
Greater Addo Elephant National Park Project (Project ID: 1167)
Conservation and Management of the Eastern Arc Mountain Forests (Project ID: 1170)
Protected Areas Management Project (Project ID: 1173)
Natural Resources Management and Poverty Reduction (Project ID: 1206)
Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Development (Project ID: 1209)
Removal of Barriers to the Introduction of Cleaner Artisanal Gold Mining and Extraction Technologies (Project ID: 1223)
Conservation and Sustainable Management of Below Ground Biodiversity, Phase I (Project ID: 1224)
Energy Conservation Project, Phase II (Project ID: 1237)
Desert Margin Programme, Phase 1 (Project ID: 1242)
Reducing Pesticide Run-off to the Caribbean Sea (Project ID: 1248)
Gourma Biodiversity Conservation Project (Project ID: 1253)
Community-based Coastal and Marine Conservation in the Milne Bay Province (Project ID: 1261)
Capacity Building to Remove Barriers to Renewable Energy Development (Project ID: 1264)
Polish Energy Efficiency Motors Programme (Project ID: 1265)
Community-based Integrated Ecosytem Management Program under the Community Action Program (Project ID: 1275)
Gdansk Cycling Infrastructure Project (Project ID: 1279)
Passive Solar Heating for Rural Health Clinics (Project ID: 1280)
Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (Project ID: 1281)
Parana Biodiversity Project (Project ID: 1287)
Renewable Energy Resources Project (Project ID: 1291)
Ecosystem Management of the Salar del Huasco for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Outside Protected Areas (Project ID: 1300)
Conservation of Biodiversity in Pastaza (Project ID: 1301)
Conservation of Key Forests in the Sangihe-Talaud Islands (Project ID: 1302)
Strengthening Protected Areas Network for Sikhote-Alin Mountian Forest Ecosystems Conservation in Khabarovsky Kray (Project ID: 1303)
Initiating Early Phaseout of Methyl Bromide through Awareness Raising, Policy Development and Demonstration/Training Activities (Project ID: 1305)
In-situ Conservation of Native Landraces and their Wild Relatives in Vietnam (Project ID: 1307)
Strategic Planning and Design for the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of Mexico (Project ID: 1308)
Building Wider Public and Private Constituences for the GEF in Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional Promotion of Global Environment Protection through the Electronic Media (Project ID: 1310)
Pilot Production and Commercial Dissemination of Solar Cookers (Project ID: 1311)
Energy Efficiency Co-Financing Program 2 (HEECP2) (Project ID: 1316)
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through the Use of Biomass Energy in Northwest Slovakia (Project ID: 1318)
Institutional Strengthening and Resource Mobilization for Mainstreaming Integrated Land and Water Management Approaches into Development Programs in Africa (Project ID: 1325)
Barriers and Best Practices in Integrated Management of Mountain Ecosystems (Project ID: 1328)
Sustainable Land Management in the Zambian Miombo Woodland Ecosystem (Project ID: 1330)
Promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency through a Cleaner Production/Environmental Management System Framework (Project ID: 1340)
Conservation of Gramineae and Associated Arthropods for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Africa (Project ID: 1344)
DBSB Agricultural Pollution Control Project - under WB-GEF Strategic Partnership for Nutrient Reduction in the Danube River and Black Sea (Project ID: 1355)
Santiago Foothills: Mountain Ecosystem Conservation (Project ID: 1377)
Assessment of Soil Organic Carbon Stocks and Change at National Scales (Project ID: 1378)
Biodiversity Indicators for National Use (Project ID: 1384)
Climate, Water and Agriculture: Impacts on and Adaptation of Agro-Ecological Systems in Africa (Project ID: 1394)
Private Land Mechanisms for Biodiversity Conservation in Mexico (Project ID: 1397)
Capacity Building for Implementation of Malaysia's National Biosafety Framework (Project ID: 1399)
Capacity Building for the Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (Project ID: 1400)
Biodiversity Conservation and Community Natural Resource Management in the Nanay River Basin (Peruvian Amazon) (Project ID: 1408)
Galapagos Oil Spill : Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation (Project ID: 1409)
Biodiversity Conservation and Integration of Traditional Knowledge on Medicinal Plants in National Primary Health Care Policy in Central America and Caribbean (Project ID: 1410)
Community -based Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Atiquipa and Taimara Lomas Ecosystems (Project ID: 1416)
Indonesia Forests and Media Project (INFORM) (Project ID: 1424)
Support for the Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (Project ID: 1430)
Development and Implementation of the Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe Basin Management Plan (Project ID: 1444)
Conservation of Pu Luong-Cuc Phuong Limestone Landscape (Project ID: 1477)
Global Biodiversity Forum (GBF): Multistakeholder Support for the Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity - Phase III (Project ID: 1486)
Mekong River Basin Wetland Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Program (Project ID: 1490)
Renewable Energy for Rural Economic Development (Project ID: 1545)
Obtaining Biofuels and Non-wood Cellulose Fiber from Agricultural Residues/Waste (Project ID: 1558)
EcoEnterprises Fund (Project ID: 1571)
Integrated Ecosystem Management in Namibia through the National Conservancy Network (Project ID: 1590)
Regional Program of Action and Demonstration of Sustainable Alternatives to DDT for Malaria Vector Control in Mexico and Central America (Project ID: 1591)
Biodiversity Conservation in the Lower Dniester Delta Ecosystem (Project ID: 1600)
Cost Effective Energy Efficiency Measures in the Russian Educational Sector (Project ID: 1646)
Enabling Activities Leading to the Second National Communication of the Argentine Government to the Conference of the Parties to UNFCCC (Project ID: 1650)
Energy for Rural Transformation Project (APL) (Project ID: 1831)
Commercializing Energy Efficiency Finance (CEEF) - Tranche II (Project ID: 2174)
Conservation and Sustainable Management of Below Ground Biodiversity, Tranche 2 (Project ID: 2342)
Desert Margins Programme (DMP) Tranche 2 (Project ID: 2344)
DBSB: Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project-under the WB-GEF Investment Fund for Nutrient Reduction in the Danube River and Black Sea (Project ID: 2970)

GEF replenishment period: GEF-3

PRC-GEF Partnership: Land Degradation in Dryland Ecosystems: Project I-Capacity Building to Combat Land Degradation (Project ID: 956)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve and Adjoining Indigenous Lands (Project ID: 957)
Environmental Protection and Maritime Transport Pollution Control in the Gulf of Honduras (Project ID: 963)
End Use Energy Efficiency Project (Project ID: 966)
Private Sector Led Development of On-Grid Wind Power in Tunisia (Project ID: 967)
Securing the Environment for Economic Development (SEED) (Project ID: 969)
Groundwater and Drought Management in SADC (Project ID: 970)
Accelerating Renewable Energy Investments through CABEI in Central America (Project ID: 975)
Partnership Interventions for the Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for Lake Tanganyika (Project ID: 1017)
Integrated Ecosystem Management of Transboundary Areas between Niger and Nigeria Phase I: Strengthening of Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Collaboration and Pilot Demonstrations of IEM (Project ID: 1022)
Ecosystems, Protected Areas and People (Project ID: 1024)
In Situ/On Farm Conservation and Use of Agricultural Biodiversity (Horticultural Crops and Wild Fruit Species) in Central Asia (Project ID: 1025)
Renewable Energy Technology Development and Application Project (RETDAP) (Project ID: 1029)
Making the Link: The Connection and Sustainable Management of Kon Ka Kinh and Kon Cha Rang Nature Reserves (Project ID: 1030)
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Marine Resources at Con Dao National Park (Project ID: 1031)
Strengthening Romania's Protected Area System by Demonstrating Best Practices for Management of Small Protected Areas in Macin Mountains National Park (Project ID: 1034)
Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Cotahuasi Basin (Project ID: 1035)
Conservation of "Tugai Forest" and Strengthening Protected Areas System in the Amu Darya Delta of Karakalpakstan (Project ID: 1036)
Solar Thermal Hybrid Project (Project ID: 1040)
Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity in the Landscape of Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains (Project ID: 1042)
Establishing Conservation Areas Landscape Management (CALM) in the Northern Plains (Project ID: 1043)
Biodiversity Protection in North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve (Project ID: 1045)
Promoting Integrated Ecosystem and Natural Resource Management (Project ID: 1047)
Sustainable Management of Globally Significant Endemic Ruminant Livestock of West Africa (Project ID: 1053)
Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (ABI) (Project ID: 1055)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity on the South African Wild Coast (Project ID: 1056)
Inka Terra: An Innovative Partnership for Self-Financing Biodiversity Conservation & Community Development (Project ID: 1061)
Forest and Environment Development Policy Grant (FEDPG) (Project ID: 1063)
Strengthening Capacity for Managing National Parks and Biodiversity (Project ID: 1064)
Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region (Project ID: 1068)
Off-grid Rural Electrification for Development (PERZA) (Project ID: 1079)
Integrated Water and Ecosystems Management Project (Project ID: 1080)
Lima Urban Transport (Project ID: 1081)
Southwest Indian Ocean Fisheries Project - SWIOFP (Project ID: 1082)
Demand-Side Management and Energy Efficiency Program (Project ID: 1083)
Building the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN) (Project ID: 1091)
Integrated Ecosystem Management in Indigenous Communities (Project ID: 1092)
Reversing Land and Water Degradation Trends in the Niger River Basin (Project ID: 1093)
Conservation of Transboundary Biodiversity in the Minkebe-Odzala-Dja Interzone in Gabon, Congo, and Cameroon (Project ID: 1095)
Energy Management and Performance Related Energy Savings Scheme (EMPRESS) (Project ID: 1096)
Development of a Wetland Site and Flyway Network for Conservation of the Siberian Crane and Other Migratory Waterbirds in Asia (Project ID: 1097)
Conservation of Globally Significant Wetlands (Project ID: 1098)
Atoll Ecosystem-based Conservation of Globally Significant Biological Diversity in the Maldives' Baa Atoll (Project ID: 1099)
Community-based Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Mountain Landscapes of Mongolia's Altai Sayan Ecoregion (Project ID: 1100)
Participatory Management of Protected Areas (Project ID: 1101)
Efficient Lighting Market Transformation Project (Project ID: 1103)
Conservation of the Montane Forest Protected Area System in Rwanda (Project ID: 1104)
Energy Efficiency Public Lighting (VEEPL) Project (Project ID: 1106)
Landscape Level Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal's Western Terai Complex (Project ID: 1107)
Addressing Transboundary Concerns in the Volta River Basin and its Downstream Coastal Area (Project ID: 1111)
Improving the Energy Efficiency of the Urban Heating and Hot Water Supply (Project ID: 1116)
Integrated Participatory Ecosystem Management In and Around Protected Areas, Phase I (Project ID: 1124)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Moyen-Chari (Project ID: 1125)
Sanjiang Plain Wetlands Protection Project (Project ID: 1126)
Biodiversity Management in the Coastal Area of China's South Sea (Project ID: 1128)
National Off-grid Electrification Programme Based on Renewable Energy Sources, Phase I (Project ID: 1132)
Wind Energy Applications (Project ID: 1136)
Promoting the Use of Renewable Energy Resources for Local Energy Supply (Project ID: 1137)
Conservation of Iranian Wetlands (Project ID: 1145)
In-Situ Conservation of Kazakhstan's Mountain Agrobiodiversity (Project ID: 1148)
Removing Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Municipal Heat and Hot Water Supply (Project ID: 1149)
Biodiversity Conservation and Participatory Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Inner Niger Delta and its Transition Areas, Mopti Region (Project ID: 1152)
Mainstreaming Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plant Diversity in Three Indian States (Project ID: 1156)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wild Salmonid Biological Diversity in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, Phase I (Project ID: 1161)
Removing Barriers to Coal Mine Methane Recovery and Utilization (Project ID: 1162)
An Integrated Ecosystem Management Approach to Conserve Biodiversity and Minimize Habitat Fragmentation in Three Selected Model Areas in the Russian Arctic (ECORA) (Project ID: 1163)
Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Area Management (Project ID: 1169)
Gulf of Gabes Marine and Coastal Resources Protection (Project ID: 1174)
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Albertine Rift Forest Areas of Uganda (Project ID: 1175)
Conservation of Biological Diversity through Improved Forest Planning Tools (Project ID: 1176)
Biodiversity Conservation in the Russian Portion of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion (Project ID: 1177)
Sahel Integrated Lowland Ecosystem Management (SILEM), Phase I (Project ID: 1178)
Energy Efficiency Project (Project ID: 1179)
Tonle Sap Conservation Project (Project ID: 1183)
Conservation of Medicinal and Herbal Plants (Project ID: 1184)
Integrated Coastal Resources Management Project (Project ID: 1185)
Combating Living Resource Depletion and Coastal Area Degradation in the Guinea Current LME through Ecosystem-based Regional Actions (Project ID: 1188)
Integrated Marine and Coastal Resource Management (Project ID: 1189)
Transformation of the Rural Photovoltaics (PV) Market (Project ID: 1196)
Enhancing the Effectiveness and Catalyzing the Sustainability of the W-Arly-Pendjari (WAP) Protected Area System (Project ID: 1197)
Biomass Energy for Heating and Hot Water Supply (Project ID: 1198)
Removal of Barriers to Biomass Power Generation, Part I (Project ID: 1199)
Conservation of Inland Wetland Biodiversity (Project ID: 1200)
Conserving Marine Biodiversity through Enhanced Marine Park Management and Inclusive Sustainable Island Development (Project ID: 1201)
OECS Protected Areas and Associated Sustainable Livelihoods (Project ID: 1204)
Regional System of Protected Areas for Sustainable Conservation and Use of Valdivian Temperate Rainforest (Project ID: 1207)
Integrated Ecosystem and Natural Resource Management in the Jordan Rift Valley (Project ID: 1214)
Building Scientific and Technical Capacity for Effective Management and Sustainable Use of Dryland Biodiversity in West African Biosphere Reserves (Project ID: 1216)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wetlands (Project ID: 1217)
Coastal and Biodiversity Management Project (Project ID: 1221)
Programme for Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances (Project ID: 1226)
EBRD/GEF Environmental Credit Facility (formerly entitled Slovenia: National Pollution Reduction Project) (Project ID: 1229)
Community-based Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Management Project (Project ID: 1234)
Renewable Energy-Based Rural Electrification Programme (Project ID: 1235)
Conserving Globally Significant Biodiversity along the Chilean Coast (Project ID: 1236)
Sustainable Development of the Protected Area System (Project ID: 1239)
Removal of Barriers to Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Steel Rerolling Mill Sector (Project ID: 1240)
Drylands Management Project (Project ID: 1244)
Renewable Energy-based Rural Electrification (Project ID: 1245)
Partnerships for Marine Protected Areas in Mauritius (Project ID: 1246)
Addressing Land-based Activities in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO-LaB) (Project ID: 1247)
Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (Project ID: 1252)
Integrating Watershed and Coastal Area Management (IWCAM) in the Small Island Developing States of the Caribbean (Project ID: 1254)
Protection and Management of Pakistan Wetlands (Project ID: 1257)
Enhancing Conservation of the Critical Network of Sites of Wetlands Required by Migratory Waterbirds on the African/Eurasian Flyways. (Project ID: 1258)
In-situ Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives through Enhanced Information Management and Field Application (Project ID: 1259)
Sustainable Development of Utility-Scale Wind Power Production (Phase 1) (Project ID: 1260)
Effective Management of the National Protected Areas System (Project ID: 1268)
Marine Electronic Highway Demonstration (Project ID: 1270)
Coastal Marine and Biodiversity Management (Project ID: 1273)
Household Energy and Universal Rural Access Project (Project ID: 1274)
Action Plan for Removing Barriers to the Full-scale Implementation of Wind Power (Project ID: 1284)
The Green Corridor (Project ID: 1296)
Integrated Management of Aquatic Resources in the Amazon (AquaBio) (Project ID: 1299)
Management and Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity in the Esteros del Ibera (Project ID: 1312)
Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Wild Relatives of Crops (resubmission from Feb 2006 IWP) (Project ID: 1319)
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Central Zagros Landscape Conservation Zone (Project ID: 1322)
Hai River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management (Project ID: 1323)
Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands (LADA) (Project ID: 1329)
Demonstrating Cost-effectiveness and Sustainability of Environmentally-sound and Locally Appropriate Alternatives to DDT for Malaria Control in Africa (Project ID: 1331)
Bioenergy for Sustainable Rural Development (Project ID: 1335)
Promoting Energy Conservation in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (PECSME) (Project ID: 1336)
South Africa Wind Energy Programme (SAWEP), Phase I (Project ID: 1338)
Demonstrations of Integrated Ecosystem and Watershed Management in the Caatinga, Phase I (Project ID: 1343)
Africa Stockpiles Program, P1 (Project ID: 1348)
Sustainable Transport and Air Quality for Santiago (Project ID: 1349)
DBSB Reduction of Nutrient Discharges - under WB-GEF Strategic Partnership for Nutrient Reduction in the Danube River and Black Sea (Project ID: 1351)
Nature Conservation and Flood Control in the Yangtze River Basin (Project ID: 1353)
Forest Sector Development Project (Project ID: 1356)
Renewable Energy-based Electricity Generation for Isolated Mini-grids (Project ID: 1358)
Generation and Delivery of Renewable Energy Based Modern Energy Services in Cuba; the case of Isla de la Juventud (Project ID: 1361)
Western Kenya Integrated Ecosystem Management Project (Project ID: 1362)
Building the Capacity of the People's Republic of China to Implement the Stockholm Convention on POPs and Develop a National Implementation Plan (Project ID: 1412)
Energy Efficiency Measures in the Honduran Commercial and Industry Sectors (Project ID: 1413)
Reducing Dependence on POPs and other Agro-Chemicals in the Senegal and Niger River Basins through Integrated Production, Pest and Pollution Management (Project ID: 1420)
Development and Implementation of Mechanisms to disseminate Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Integrated Transboundary Water Resources Management in Latin America and the Caribbean (Project ID: 1426)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Dibeen Nature Reserve (Project ID: 1438)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon by the Indigenous Ashaninka Population (Project ID: 1446)
Recovery, Conservation, and Sustainable Use of Georgia’s Agrobiodiversity (Project ID: 1458)
Programme for the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems: Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems Project (ASCLMEs) (Project ID: 1462)
Improving Management of NGO and Privately Owned Nature Reserves and High Biodiversity Islands in Seychelles (Project ID: 1471)
Establishing the Basis for Biodiversity Conservation on Sapo National Park and in South-East Liberia (Project ID: 1475)
Caatinga Conservation and Sustainable Management Project (Project ID: 1476)
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use in the Mbaracayu Natural Reserve (Project ID: 1489)
National Fadama Development Program II (NFDP II): Critical Ecosystem Management (Project ID: 1503)
Namib Coast Biodiversity Conservation and Management (NACOMA) (Project ID: 1505)
Building Sustainable Commercial Dissemination Networks for Household PV Systems in Eastern Africa (Project ID: 1513)
Consolidation of Ecosystem Management and Biodiversity Conservation of the Bay Islands (Project ID: 1515)
C.A.P.E. Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development Project (Project ID: 1516)
Capacity Building for the Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol (Project ID: 1525)
Conservation and Restoration of the Globally Significant Biodiversity of the Tisza River Floodplain through Integrated Floodplain Management (Project ID: 1527)
Coral Reef Targeted Research and Capacity Building for Management (Project ID: 1531)
Electric Cooperative System Loss Reduction Project (Project ID: 1532)
Rural Environment Project (Project ID: 1535)
Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Prespa Lakes Basin of Albania, FYR-Macedonia and Greece (Project ID: 1537)
Integrated Natural Resources and Biodiversity Management (Project ID: 1538)
DBSB Environmental Infrastructure Project - under Strategic Partnership Investment Fund for Nutrient Reduction in the Danube River Basin and the Black Sea (Project ID: 1542)
Rio de Janeiro Integrated Ecosystem Management in Production Landscapes of the North-Northwestern Fluminense (Project ID: 1544)
Removing Barriers to the Reconstruction of Public Lighting (PL) Systems in Slovakia (Project ID: 1557)
Development of a Strategic Market Intervention Approach for Grid-Connected Solar Energy Technologies (EMPower) (Project ID: 1599)
Sustainable Conservation of Globally Important Caribbean Bird Habitats: Strengthening a Regional Network for a Shared Resource (Project ID: 1604)
Increased Access to Electricity Services (Project ID: 1607)
Renewable Energy Enterprise Development - Seed Capital Access Facility (Project ID: 1609)
Developing a Model Conservation Programme-Conservation of the Gobi Desert Using Wild Bactrian Camels as an "Umbrella Species". (Project ID: 1611)
Second National Communication of Brazil to the UNFCCC (Project ID: 1612)
Demonstrating the Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Island Resource Management Mechanism in a Small Island Developing State (Project ID: 1614)
Towards a Convention and Action Programme for the Protection of the Caspian Sea Environment (Project ID: 1618)
Mainstreaming Biodiversity Management into Production Sector Activities (Project ID: 1620)
Gansu and Xinjiang Pastoral Development Project (Project ID: 1621)
Capacity Building for Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol (Project ID: 1628)
Formoso River -- Integrated Watershed Management and Protection (Project ID: 1642)
Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Resource Management Plan for Marsabit Mountain and its associated Watersheds (Project ID: 1666)
Strengthening Romania's Protected Area System by Demonstrating Government-NGO Partnership in Romania's Maramures Nature Park (Project ID: 1679)
Conservation, Restoration and Wise Use of Calcareous Fens (Project ID: 1681)
Facilitating and Strengthening the Conservation Initiatives of Traditional Landholders and their Communities to Achieve Biodiversity Conservation Objectives (Project ID: 1682)
National Performance Assessment and Subregional Strategic Environment Framework in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) (Project ID: 1684)
Renewable Energy Project (Project ID: 1686)
Development of the Econet for Long-term Conservation of Biodiversity in the Central Asia Ecoregions (Project ID: 1694)
Rehabilitation and Expansion of Small Hydro-Plants on the River Raba in Hungary (Project ID: 1702)
Conservation of Biological Diversity of Carpathian Mountain Grasslands in the Czech Republic through Targeted Application of New EU Funding Mechanisms (Project ID: 1705)
Integrated Management of Cedar Forests in Lebanon in Cooperation with other Mediterranean Countries (Project ID: 1707)
Improved Management and Conservation Practices for the Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area (Project ID: 1713)
Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into Production Systems in the Juniper Forest Ecosystem (Project ID: 1718)
Conservation of habitats and species of global significance in Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems in Balochistan (Project ID: 1721)
Biodiversity Conservation in Altos de Cantillana (Project ID: 1725)
Conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in Russia’s Taymir Peninsula: Maintaining connectivity across the landscape (Project ID: 1727)
In-Situ Conservation of Andean Crops and their Wild Relatives in the Humahuaca Valley, the Southernmost Extension of the Central Andes (Project ID: 1732)
Consolidating a System of Municipal Regional Parks (MRPs) in Guatemala's Western Plateau (Project ID: 1733)
The Development and Management of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor (Project ID: 1734)
Conservation of Dry Forest and Coastal Biodiversity of the Pacific Coast of Southern Nicaragua: Building Private-Public Partnerships (Project ID: 1735)
Lake Pomorie Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Management Project (Project ID: 1749)
Lake Dianchi Freshwater Biodiversity Restoration Project (Project ID: 1750)
Integrated Management of Peatlands for Biodiversity and Climate Change: The Potential of Managing Peatlands for Carbon Accumulation While Protecting Biodiversity (Project ID: 1769)
Strengthening the Network of Training Centers for Protected Area Management through Demonstration of a Tested Approach (Project ID: 1776)
Joint Geophysical Imaging (JGI) Methodology for Geothermal Reservoir Assessment (Project ID: 1780)
Richtersveld Community Biodiversity Conservation Project (Project ID: 1782)
Removing Obstacles to Direct Private-Sector Participation in In-situ Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 1794)
Demonstrating and Promoting Best Techniques and Practices for Reducing Health-care Waste to Avoid Environmental Releases of Dioxins and Mercury (Project ID: 1802)
Integrated Ecosystem and Wildlife Management Project in Bolikhamxay Province (Project ID: 1836)
Energy and Environment Upgrading of the Industrial Park of Sidi Bernoussi Zenata, Casablanca (Project ID: 1838)
Indigenous Peoples' Network for Change (Project ID: 1842)
Mount Kenya East Pilot Project for Natural Resource Management (MKEPP) (Project ID: 1848)
Protection of the North West Sahara Aquifer System (NWSAS) and related humid zones and ecosystems (Project ID: 1851)
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Gissar Mountains of Tajikistan (Project ID: 1854)
Community-Based Ecosystem Management Project (Project ID: 1855)
Conservation of the Eg-Uur Watershed (Project ID: 1859)
Prevention and Control of Dust and Sandstorms in Northeast Asia (Project ID: 1870)
Community Agriculture and Watershed Management (Project ID: 1872)
Naya Biological Corridor in the Munchique-Pinche Sector (Project ID: 1876)
Community-based Land Management (Project ID: 1877)
Hazard Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (Project ID: 1889)
Heat Reform and Building Energy Efficiency Project (Project ID: 1892)
Strengthening Global Capacity to Sustain Transboundary Waters: The International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network (IW:LEARN), Operational Phase (Project ID: 1893)
Renewable Energy Market Transformation (REMT) (Project ID: 1894)
Improved Certification Schemes for Sustainable Tropical Forest Management (Project ID: 1895)
Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Technology Application Project (Project ID: 1897)
Regional Programme on Electrical Energy Efficiency in Industrial and Commercial Service Sectors in Central America (Project ID: 1899)
Large Scale Renewable Energy Development Project (Project ID: 1900)
Improving Kiln Efficiency in the Brick Making Industry in Bangladesh (Project ID: 1901)
Development of an Energy Efficiency Program for the Industrial Sector for Tunisia (Project ID: 1905)
Natural Resources and Poverty Alleviation Project (Project ID: 1907)
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Bus Rapid Transit (Project ID: 1917)
Conservation of the Biodiversity of the Paramo in the Northern and Central Andes (Project ID: 1918)
Participatory Community-based Conservation in the Anjozorobe Forest Corridor (Project ID: 1929)
Integrating Watershed and Biodiversity Management in Chu Yang Sin National Parkv (Project ID: 1943)
Support for World Parks Congress, September 8-17, 2003, Durban, South Africa (Project ID: 1952)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity through Sound Tourism Development in Biosphere Reserves in Central and Eastern Europe (Project ID: 1994)
Environmental Business Finance Program (EBFP) (Project ID: 2000)
Transfrontier Conservation Areas and Sustainable Tourism Development Project (Project ID: 2003)
Incorporating Non-Motorized (NMT) Transport Facilities in the City of Gaborone (Project ID: 2014)
Integrated National Adaptation Plan: High Mountain Ecosystems, Colombia's Caribbean Insular Areas and Human Health (INAP) (Project ID: 2019)
Formulation of an Action Programme for the Integrated Management of the Shared Nubian Aquifer (Project ID: 2020)
Dashtidzhum Biodiversity Conservation (Project ID: 2037)
Managing Hydrogeological Risk in the Iullemeden Aquifer System (Project ID: 2041)
Strengthening the Implementation Capacities for Nutrient Reduction and Transboundary Cooperation in the Danube River Basin (Tranche 2) (Project ID: 2042)
Technology Transfer Networks (TTN) Phase II: Prototype Verification and Expansion at the Country Level (Project ID: 2043)
GEF National Consultative Dialogue Initiative (Project ID: 2045)
Sustainable Management of Inland Wetlands in Southern Africa: A Livelihoods and Ecosystem Approach (Project ID: 2052)
Renaturalization and Sustainable Management of Peatlands to Combat Land Degradation, Ensure Conservation of Globally Valuable Biodiversity, and Mitigate Climate Change (Project ID: 2057)
Fostering Active and Effective Civil Society Participation in Preparations for Implementation of the Stockholm Convention. (NGO-POPs Elimination Project). (Project ID: 2067)
Integrating Protected Area and Landscape Management in the Golden Stream Watershed (Project ID: 2068)
Lambusango Forest Conservation, Sulawesi (Project ID: 2077)
Consolidation of the Protected Area System (SINAP II) - Second Tranche (Project ID: 2078)
Coastal Resilience to Climate Change: Developing a Generalizable Method for Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation of Mangroves and Associated Ecosystems (Project ID: 2092)
Development of a National Implementation Plan in Brazil as a First Step to Implement the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) (Project ID: 2096)
Western Indian Ocean Marine Highway Development and Coastal and Marine Contamination Prevention Project (Project ID: 2098)
Corazon Transboundary Biosphere Reserve (Project ID: 2099)
Support to the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN)’s Program for the Rehabilitation of the DRC’s National Parks Network (Project ID: 2100)
Marine and Coastal Environment Management Project (MACEMP) (Project ID: 2101)
Second Rural Poverty, Natural Resources Management and Consolidation of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor Project (Project ID: 2102)
Catalyzing Sustainability of the Wetland Protected Areas System in Belarusian Polesie through Increased Management Efficiency and Realigned Land Use Practices (Project ID: 2104)
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Dalmatian Coast through Greening Coastal Development (Project ID: 2105)
Removing Barriers to Energy Efficiency Improvements in the State Sector in Belarus (Project ID: 2107)
Philippines Sustainable Energy Finance Program (Project ID: 2108)
Russian Sustainable Energy Finance Program (Project ID: 2111)
Energy Efficiency Project (Project ID: 2117)
Total Sector Methyl Bromide Phase Out in Countries with Economies in Transition (Project ID: 2118)
Biodiversity Conservation in the Productive Landscape of the Venezuelan Andes (Project ID: 2120)
Building Capacity for Effective Participation in the Biosafety Clearing House (BCH) of the Cartagena Protocol (Project ID: 2128)
Demonstrating and Capturing Best Practices and Technologies for the Reduction of Land-sourced Impacts Resulting from Coastal Tourism (Project ID: 2129)
Pacific Islands Oceanic Fisheries Management Project (Project ID: 2131)
WB-GEF MED Neretva and Trebisnjica Management Project - under Investment Fund for the Mediterranean Sea LME Partnership (Project ID: 2132)
Guangdong - Pearl River Delta Urban Environment (Project ID: 2135)
Livestock Waste Management in East Asia (Project ID: 2138)
Removing Barriers to Invasive Plant Management in Africa (Project ID: 2140)