Annual Impact Report (AIR) 2011

This is the fifth annual impact report compiled by the Global Environment Facility Evaluation Office (GEFEO) and presents information on activities including progress made in implementing the impact evaluation of GEF activities in the South China Sea and adjacent areas to address regional transboundary issues. The report outlines the objectives, scope, approach, methodology, limitations, proposals for stakeholder involvement and progress to date in relation to the evaluation.

The report also outlines the assessment of quality at entry of arrangements to measure impact in GEF projects, which was initiated during the reporting period and is being undertaken in collaboration with the STAP. The assessment is designed to feedback on the effectiveness of current quality control mechanisms for impact measurement arrangements in project proposals and identify areas of improvement.

It also details progress to date on the impact evaluation on climate change mitigation activities supported by the GEF. The AIR also discusses the GEFEO's work to mainstream impact evaluation across different evaluation streams.

The report was presented as an information document to the GEF Council in November 2011.

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