Annual Thematic Evaluation Report (ATER) 2012

Annual Thematic Evaluations Report 2012 presents an overview of the progress of the Evaluation of GEF Enabling Activities and the main conclusions and recommendations for the Evaluation of the GEF Focal Area Strategies.

The Evaluation of GEF Enabling Activities aims to provide the GEF Council with lessons learned from implementing enabling activities and evaluative evidence of their role in the overall catalytic effect of the GEF. The evaluation began in May 2012; its main findings and recommendations will be incorporated into the Fifth Overall Performance Study.

The main objective of the Evaluation of GEF Focal Area Strategies was to collect and assess information related to the GEF-5 (2010-14) focal area strategies to gain a systematic understanding of the elements and causal links each strategy envisions.

Evaluation Learnings

Evaluation Reports