Evaluation of GEF Support to Mainstreaming Biodiversity (BD) 2018

This is the first stand-alone evaluation of the Global Environment Facility's (GEF's) support to mainstreaming biodiversity interventions. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the overall performance and effectiveness of GEF biodiversity mainstreaming projects drawing on the portfolio and in-depth case studies conducted in Colombia, India and South Africa. The study is based on the evaluative evidence drawn from the portfolio analysis of 471 biodiversity mainstreaming related projects, and three country case studies looking at the experiences from GEF-3 through GEF-6. The three countries selected for the case studies are at different stages of the mainstreaming process in addressing the drivers of biodiversity loss. They were chosen based on the portfolio analysis which show these three countries were in the top seven in terms of number of GEF projects and grant amounts. These countries have also had long-term complementary interlinked projects over the GEF phases and are representative of the opportunities and challenges faced by the GEF and its national and international partners in conserving biodiversity of global importance.