Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Eritrea

The Eritrea Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) was completed by the GEF Independent Evaluation Office in December 2014. Twelve national GEF projects were assessed based on relevance, results and efficiency from 1992 - 2012. The evaluation provided the GEF Council and the Government of Eritrea with an assessment of results and performance of GEF supported activities in the country, and examined how GEF supported activities fit into the national strategies and priorities as well as within the global environmental mandate of the GEF.

Key questions addressed in the evaluation include: Is GEF effective in producing results that build on previous lessons learned and good practices from GEF projects and partners? Has the GEF support to Eritrea facilitated the channeling of additional resources for preventing land degradation efforts for achieving global environmental benefits? Is GEF support relevant to the Eritrea sustainable development agenda and environmental priorities, to the country's development needs and challenges, and to national GEF focal area action plans? What are the roles, types of engagement and coordination among different stakeholders in project implementation?

Supporting Documents