Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Samoa

Samoa has been receiving GEF funds since the GEF's pilot phase. It was selected for country portfolio evaluation because it represents two groups of countries that are highly relevant to the GEF; small island developing states (SIDS) of the Pacific, and least developed countries (LDCs). Also, it has a diverse portfolio and well-established environmental sector. The main findings and recommendations of this evaluation were presented to the GEF Council in June 2007.


  • GEF support has been relevant to the national development strategy and environmental policies.
  • GEF-funded projects are highly relevant to the GEF mandate and focal areas but slow follow-up support from government sources could jeopardize the sustainability of results.
  • Enabling activities have supported Samoa in building the foundations for its environmental frameworks and strategies.
  • Reporting on results has limitations due to poor quality final evaluations and limited baselines.
  • There are still obstacles to Samoa accessing GEF funding.
  • Most GEF Agencies have not been engaged in Samoa due to high transaction costs and limited understanding of GEF objectives and procedures.


  • The GEF's programmatic approach for the Pacific SIDS should be informed by Samoa's experience.
  • Environmental concerns should become visible in the Samoa Development Strategy.
  • Increase participation from other stakeholders in implementing GEF projects which will increase national capacity.