Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) South Africa

CPE South Africa
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South Africa began receiving GEF support in 1994. The country was chosen to receive a CPE based on its large and diverse portfolio and its large allocation under the Resource Allocation Framework, which is based on the importance of South Africa's global biodiversity and also on its dependence on fossil fuels.


  • GEF support has produced significant national and global benefits in the biodiversity and international waters focal areas, but limited results in other focal areas, such as greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The sustainability of these gains is uncertain because of problems with skills maintenance, policy coordination, and a weak regulatory and fiscal environment.
  • Focal Points are insufficiently prepared to perform their job, and the GEF focal point mechanism does not work properly.
  • Focal Points have difficulty complying with their responsibilities because of limited funding support.
  • Knowledge management and documentation of lessons learned are poor.


  • Establish a foundation for more flexible country-based portfolio management to strengthen country ownership, accountability, and sustainability.

GEF Council decision

  • Strengthen the integration of multiple focal areas, including transboundary issues, adaptation to land degradation, and climate change.
  • Improve mechanism for monitoring and evaluation.