Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Turkey

Turkey has been a long-standing partner of the Global Environment Facility, having received financial support since 1992. The evaluation covered all national projects plus 2 national components of global projects, totaling $36.33 million. In addition, 11 regional projects focusing on the Black and Mediterranean Seas, and Turkey Small Grants Programme were reviewed.


  • GEF support has been relevant to Turkey's sustainable development agenda and its environmental priorities, with the exception of land degradation.
  • The GEF paved the way for implementing environmental aspects of the EU accession process. Turkish initiatives in this regard will now increase the sustainability of impacts started under GEF.
  • Little evidence was found that monitoring and evaluation is contributing to increased efficiency.


  • The GEF should increase focal points' involvement in M&E activities by sharing M&E information, supporting country portfolio level M&E, and providing M&E training.
  • Turkey should formulate multi-focal area projects and programs reflecting the GEF-5 proposed ecosystem approach in order to further address land degradation issues.

GEF Council decision

  • Council requested the GEF Agencies to systematically involve focal points in M&E activities by sharing M&E information with them in a timely manner; the Secretariat to consider provision of specific M&E training to focal points through the Country Support Programme; and the Evaluation Office to strengthen the role of focal points in M&E in the proposals for revision of the M&E policy.

Evaluation Learnings

Supporting Documents