Joint Evaluation of the GEF Activity Cycle and Modalities

In June 2005, the GEF Council welcomed the proposed evaluation to assess the efficiency of the GEF activity cycle and modalities, and underscored that efforts to improve the cycle had so far not succeeded: "the project cycle elapsed times are still too long." The evaluation was approved as a special initiative of the GEF Evaluation Office: to analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the GEF Activity Cycle and related delivery modalities, and uncover the underlying causes of inefficiencies. The Council was very appreciative of the fact that this evaluation would be a joint effort of all Agencies in the GEF.

The evaluation was undertaken from September - November 2005, and findings were presented at the December 2005 GEF Council Meeting.

The Council agreed that no gains would be achieved by streamlining the current Activity Cycle at the margins. It decided that the GEF Activity Cycle should be fully revised, while maintaining the quality and attributes for GEF funding. The Council requested the GEF Secretariat to develop options for a revised cycle for June 2007, in collaboration with the Implementing and Executing Agencies and the GEF Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, and in line with the recommendations of the evaluation report.

Evaluation Learnings

GEF Activity Cycle and Modalities

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GEF Council Meeting 30

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