Comparative Advantage, Adequacy of Funding / Financing, Health of the Expanded GEF Partnership and Governance Structure 2017

GEF Partnership Governance 2017
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This evaluation addressed three key components of the Sixth Comprehensive Evaluation of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) (OPS6): the comparative advantage of the GEF as a funding channel, the adequacy of donor funding/financing, and the current governance structure and health of the expanded partnership of the GEF.

The evaluation builds on recommendations from OPS5 and other previous evaluations conducted by the IEO. Speaking to an evolving GEF partnership within a changing landscape, this study brings to light GEF's strategic relevance, positioning and value-added against a backdrop of significant changes in environmental governance (including but not limited to climate change) policy, institutions, and environmental finance. Recommendations based on this study have been included in the overall OPS6 recommendations and are not separately included in this document.