LDFC/SCCF Annual Evaluation Report (AER) 2023

The LDCF/SCCF AER 2024 reports on the Funds through synthesis of evaluative evidence, findings, conclusions, and recommendations from five recently conducted GEF Trust Fund evaluations that also cover LDCF/SCCF projects. The synthesis addresses four primary themes: agriculture, food security, and health; water; nature-based solutions (NbS); and climate information and early warning systems (CIEWS).

Agriculture, food security, and health projects focus on enhancing agricultural resilience through sustainable practices like climate-smart agriculture, organic farming, and improved water management. Initiatives aim to increase crop yields, improve food security, and support rural livelihoods while promoting environmental sustainability and public health. Efforts in water security include infrastructure improvements, conservation measures, and community-based water governance. The projects reviewed address the challenges of water scarcity, flooding, and water quality issues exacerbated by climate change, and highlight the importance of ecosystem-based water management approaches. NbS projects focus on sustainable land and water management practices, such as agroforestry and ecological intensification, which enhance resilience, support biodiversity, and provide socioeconomic benefits, particularly in vulnerable regions like the Sahel. CIEWS project support infrastructure and institutional capacity, integrating these systems into broader disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation strategies. Effective interventions involve community engagement, policy framework strengthening, and addressing the “last mile” challenge to ensure that early warnings reach and are actionable by vulnerable communities.

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