LDCF SCCF Council Meeting 28

LDCF SCCF Council Meeting 28

Virtual Meeting - WebEx

In line with the health and safety measures applied by most countries in response to COVID-19, the 28th LDCF/SCCF Council Meeting was held virtually with an agenda that covered essential and time sensitive issues only.

The GEF Independent Evaluation Office presented the Work Program and Budget for FY2021.

Council Documents

Working Document

  • GEF/LDCF.SCCF.28/E/01: FY21 Work Program and Budget for the Independent Evaluation Office of the GEF under the LDCF and SCCF ( )
    Council Document:
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Informational Document

  • GEF/LDCF.SCCF.28/E/inf.01: LDCF/SCCF Annual Evaluation Report 2020 ( )
    Council Document:
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Evaluation Reports

Program Evaluation of the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) 2020

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Evaluation Grouping:
Evaluation Report:
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Supporting Documents


  • FY21 Work Program and Budget ( ): English290.37 KB

GEF Council Meeting 58

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