Annual Impact Report (AIR) 2009

The 2009 Annual Impact Report compiled by the Global Environment Facility Evaluation Office (GEFEO) presents information on the following studies: the impact evaluation of GEF assistance for the phaseout of ozone-depleting substances in economies in transition; a study of the effectiveness of a project design to permit experimental impact evaluation; and ongoing impact evaluation of biodiversity projects in Peru in collaboration with the Independent Evaluation group, World Bank.

The report also contains an assessment of the outcomes and impacts achieved by all projects completed during the period of the Fourth Overall Performance Study (OPS4). Furthermore, the AIR contains a review of an evaluation of a GEF project which featured participant and control group design. The review concluded the experimental project designs potentially provide a powerful tool to test the effectiveness of particular incentives on outcomes and impacts, while controlling for other factors.

The report was presented to the GEF Council in 2009 and the Council responded with the following requests:

  • GEF-5 strategy proposals to include further investment to assist countries with economies in transition to address remaining threats to the ozone layer.
  • GEF Secretariat should work to encourage further private sector engagement, drawing on positive lessons in the ozone layer depletion focal area.