Biodiversity Indicators for Monitoring Program Implementation and Impact

This report on "Biodiversity Indicators for Monitoring GEF Programme Implementation and Impacts" was prepared for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) by staff of the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC). The work was commissioned by the GEF Monitoring and Evaluation Team. Direction to the drafting of the report was given by a GEF Steering Group, consisting of representatives of the GEF Secretariat, UNDP, UNEP and the World Bank.

This report presents a broad portfolio of candidate indicators that the GEF could use to report on the extent and impact of activities it addresses in its biodiversity portfolio. This is intended neither to be comprehensive, nor to be used in its entirety. On the contrary, it is foreseen that different subsets of indicators will be used for different reporting purposes, and that the form of their presentation will also vary according to purpose.

This report should not be regarded as an end-product, but rather part of a continually evolving process.