Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Morocco

The GEF Independent Evaluation Office is undertaking an evaluation of the totality of GEF support across all GEF Implementing Agencies and programs in Morocco between 1997 and 2013. This Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) will assess the relevance, results, effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency of GEF projects at the country level.

Since 1997, the GEF has allocated over US$ 108 million through 29 approved national projects. Morocco is also a participant in 23 regional and 16 global projects supported by the GEF. These projects fall under five areas: Biodiversity, climate change, international waters, persistent organic pollutants, and multi-focal area. The support has so far been implemented by seven GEF agencies, with 8 national projects completed.

The GEF Morocco CPE will provide feedback and knowledge sharing to the GEF Council in its decision making on resource allocation and policy and strategy development, to the Moroccan government on its participation in the GEF, and to the various agencies and organizations involved in the preparation and implementation of GEF-funded projects and activities.

Supporting Documents