Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Tajikistan

Country portfolio evaluations (CPEs) conducted by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Independent Evaluation Office (GEF-IEO) use the country as the unit of analysis to examine the totality of GEF support across all GEF Agencies and programs. The final report for the GEF Tajikistan CPE assessed the effectiveness, results and sustainability; the relevance; and the efficiency of GEF projects at the country level—that is, how these projects perform in producing results, and how the results are linked to the national environmental and sustainable development agenda as well as to the GEF mandate of generating global environmental benefits in its focal areas.

The GEF Tajikistan CPE provided feedback and knowledge sharing to the GEF Council in its decision making on resource allocation and policy and strategy development, to the Government of Tajikistan on its participation in the GEF, and to the various agencies and organizations involved in the preparation and implementation of GEF-funded projects and activities.