Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) Moldova

Moldova has been receiving funds from the GEF since 1994 via 14 national projects in the biodiversity, climate change, international waters and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) focal areas. Moldova was seen as a good choice for evaluation due to its large and diverse portfolio and the fact it has received group allocations under the Resource Allocation Framework (RAF) and also participates in Black Sea and Danube River regional projects. Main findings and recommendations of the Moldova Country portfolio Evaluation were presented to the GEF Council as a part of the Annual Country Portfolio Evaluation 2010 (ACPER 2010).


  • Biodiversity impacts have been modest despite significant support from the GEF.
  • GEF support has had limited results in climate change to date but future projects show greater potential.
  • It is too early to assess results in international waters projects.
  • GEF support for the POPs focal area has been of strategic importance.
  • Overall, GEF support has been relevant in all areas except for in regard to combating land degradation.
  • Country ownership is limited due to poor coordination and strategy regarding GEF support.
  • Project processing time is about average and the general perception is positive.
  • Project offices play a key role in project preparation and implementation.
  • Dissemination of information and sharing lessons learned are limited.
  • The GEF focal point mechanism has failed to provide sufficient strategic guidance and coordination.


  • GEF should introduce the Small Grants Programme in Moldova.
  • GEF should provide guidance on and establish requirements for dissemination of results and lessons.
  • GEF should address land degradation and climate adaptation issues in GEF projects.
  • Strengthen focal point mechanism and develop a strategic approach to GEF support to ensure better coordination.

Evaluation Learnings

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