An Evaluative Approach to Assessing GEF's Additionality

Since its inception in 1992, the GEF has been at the forefront of leveraging local investments to achieve global impact. Yet. accounting for the GEF's additionality - additional benefits that are attributable to the GEF - has remained a challenge.

Despite modifications and clarifications in the guidelines in 2007 to the implementation of the incremental cost approach, the ability to appropriately account for the additionality in terms of GEBs has been difficult. At the same time, there have been modifications in program eligibility that have allowed for a more flexible approach to designing operations that could be funded by the GEF.

This paper proposes an approach to assess the GEF's additionality which is based on the evolving nature of GEF projects and supports the GEF's results measurement system.

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